Best Trick

by N.L.
Feb 2015 - 1.7K views

ronnie bet me i couldnt... its been subzero for a while now, and the cabin fever set in, re editing old footy, cant believe this is from two seasons ago.

Smooth Moves

by N.L.
Dec 2014 - 428 views

Friends over at Knifeshow put these sun bleached shots together for me! neri snowboarded follow cam with no glider ;)

Best of the Ooze

by N.L.
Oct 2012 - 469 views

Check out some of the rawest shots from last seasons secret of the Ooze edits. Secret summer edit drops next week!

Secret of the Ooze X

by N.L.
May 2012 - 981 views

Cant believe we produced 10 edits already, seems like we just filmed the first one yesterday. Time flies when your having fun! Thanks for supporting our first series of vids. This is closing day at the bay....

Secret of the Ooze VII

by N.L.
Apr 2012 - 213 views

Alot of planning and preparation went into this weeks ooze, so when a freak april snowstorm turned the park to shit, we got a few shots and ditched for some late season pow shred. Enjoy!

Secret of the Ooze II

by N.L.
Mar 2012 - 1.3K views

Cody, NL, and Kaily bring the ooze to keystone. After a traumatic thanksgiving injury Im back to jibbing with friends, no jumping allowed still, so Im focusing on pushing jib skiing in different directions.

Gangst........................... Keep it freestyle!!!!!

by N.L.
Jun 2011 - 2K views

A story of local shredders told in classic mix tape fashion. Getting after park sessions and backcountry POW, the crew earns every turn in the BC by boot packing and snow shoeing for each and every line. The breck terrain parks get tore up and the fun never stops in this mini movie with dope beats from the bay, to around the way new age and even some oldschool roses to keep the entertainment level high. Enjoy the show!

Andre Simon Pietri Memorial Edit

by N.L.
Mar 2011 - 6.1K views

Andre was the best young ripper I had ever met, skied with,coached, mentored... His attitude and style were unforgettable, he was on another level. This mixtape style edit is from Aspen Open 2010, he is the first skier in the edit, amongst close friends. Sorry about the little video screen, but the edit is old, and is what it is. Andre you will be missed by a lot of people, see you later my dude.

Super old skool edit

by N.L.
Jan 2010 - 20.3K views

Here is another old edit ive come across. the best one is getting transferred to digital for my 10 year compilation edit.

coaster fun

by N.L.
Sep 2005 - 4.3K views

finally got everything together, the railSIDE jib park is open.coaster flat bar and butter box.