Xtreme Skiing

by Finbawwr
Jul 2017 - 1.3K views

Three of the worlds most talented ariel skiers take on the infamous snow factor and throw down the most jaw dropping stunts known to man, and women and everything between


Finbar Doig 2018

by Finbawwr
Jun 2018 - 692 views

Prevaliged white kid films entire season edit on a GoPro his parents got him for Christmas alert.
So much fun this season, thanks to everyone for making it

Dub backie

by Finbawwr
Mar 2020 - 996 views

Mad stoked with this, even if I ate shit in the landing. Can anyone recommend workouts to get me some stompy legs?

Finbar Doig 2021 Season

by Finbawwr
Jun 2021 - 426 views

Absolutely blessed to have been lucky enough to get away to Tignes again this year for the winter. Here are some of the best bits from the weirdest winter ev...