Switch Up Team Edit

by coult45
Aug 2007 - 9.2K views

Before you flame us, we are only young kids, ages 13-15. Most of us had our first freeskiing/boarding year this year, and this is some of our footage. Any comments on improving would be nice, tips, other things thanks. And we know our camera is not very good, we're buying a better one for the next season Check us out at

Maple Park Crew/Liftees

by coult45
Aug 2007 - 9.7K views

Alright, this is a lil edit with guys from the liftee and instructors of the tiny hill Maple Ski Ridge in new york. Flame our park all you want, it was our first year having it.

Mount Snow Season Teaser

by coult45
Oct 2010 - 9.9K views

Footage shot on Canon Hv20, GoPro HD, Contour HD at mount snow, vermont. March 7th, 2010. Sorry about the quality and colors, my editor doesn't want to work with me