Taylor'ed in NZ

by taylor-seaton
Jun 2011 - 2.6K views

A self edit of T-Sizzle in New Zealand during 2010 winter season.

filmed at SNOW PARK NZ & Cardrona.

SONG- Hopes & Dreams - Wiz Khalifa



Thowback to Keystone

by taylor-seaton
Oct 2014 - 3.1K views

Since Keystone is opening in just 3 weeks I figured I would drop an edit from the 2014 closing weekend. Get stoked for the upcoming season! Enjoy!!! More edits coming weekly this month!

Just Another Day

by taylor-seaton
Nov 2014 - 3.5K views

In May of 2014 I was lucky enough to join Henrik Harlaut and Phil Casabon on a trip to Northern Sweden. It was a very beautiful place and around that time of year the it never gets dark. With a good crew we set out everyday to explore the land and build features. This is what I got from a very fun trip. Enjoy!

T-Sizzle - A Day In Vail - Undiscovered Contest Cut

by taylor-seaton
Mar 2015 - 3.5K views

I may compete at a professional level but I sure don't get paid as a professional and I have never had the opportunity to film with a major production company. Since I have been competeing a lot this season I didn't get much pow footage so I decided to go out and make my edit in a day skiing my home mountain. There are a lot of good edits but if you like mine I would really appreciate a vote by clicking the heart under my video at: THANKS NS

Sizzle Down Unda 7

by taylor-seaton
Dec 2016 - 6.1K views

This was my 10th consecutive season to New Zealand and the fun continues in my 7th Installment of T-Sizzle Down Unda self edits! Filmed at Cardrona, Lake Wanaka, and Snow Planet by Tom Keedwell, Harry McFadden and Vinnie Renooy. Big Thanks to my sponsors! ENJOY!!!

Sizzle Down UnDa 8

by taylor-seaton
Jan 2019 - 1.3K views

T Sizzle returns to NZ after a knee surgery in July for his 8th Installment of Sizzle Down Unda.

Filmed by: Henrik Harlaut, Tom Keedwell, Adam Hollobon, Callum Johnston.