The more typical group of mid 20 year-olds skiing

by runjoy
May 2013 - 746 views

Years ago our group of friends carried around mini DV tapes and extra batteries trying to capture backflips through fogged lenses on homemade jumps. It was a mission and a task to film our weekend skiing exploits sometimes taking driving up the mountain on an early out wednesday just to ski for one hour. We typically planned out who/what/where/how we would film days before in advanced. I can remember Kevin planning out his infamous double backflip weeks in advance. Now that the years have aged, I realized the time spent around my buddies was far more important than what was actually captured. Well?for the most part, not much has changed. Some changes include us not attempting double backflips or jelly rolls and rarely spinning over 360 fair warning you will not see any crazy tricks. What has not changed is the fact that we still are not taking skiing seriously and still high fiving each other on powder days. Although the past five months went by fast, we are now greeted with summer adventures. Hope you enjoy five months in five minutes. -cheers