Emil Deschamps 2016 season edit

by EmilDeschamps
Dec 2016 - 1.5K views

This is my first season edit, it wasnt a very good year with lack of snow here in the south of Chile and I also had a knee injury at the beginning of the season. But thats what I filmed this winter :) I hope you like it.
Edit: Emil Deschamps
Skier: Emil Deschamps
Age: 14

Tryna be Candide part 3

by EmilDeschamps
Apr 2020 - 4.5K views

Tried to build and ski another Candide Thovex style spring line this year.

Didn't have enough speed to completely clear the second river gap and keep skiing the line exactly like I wanted to, but at least I made it back across the riveršŸ„°

instagram: @emildeschamps

Emil Deschamps 2020

by EmilDeschamps
Aug 2020 - 495 views

A mix of powder, comps, park, rona backyard setup and even touring clips for your visual enjoyment. Last szn was weird but still super fun! Thanks to everyone I skied with and everyone who filmed!