Alpine Meadows 1/31/2011

by JKravitz
Feb 2011 - 2.7K views

After about a month of sunny spring like weather in Tahoe we finally received 10 inches of Fresh snow. Here is a quick edit that i made from one day at Alpine Meadows, CA.

Better Late Than Never EP.1

by JKravitz
Mar 2016 - 1.1K views

I've been wanting to put together my own edits for a while now but never had the right camera or computer. This year I was able to buy a semi-decent camera and a computer that I could edit on. So here is my first try at editing. I know its not the best production quality but oh well still had fun putting it together. Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

Don't Stop

by JKravitz
Oct 2016 - 2K views

15/16 season edit

Thanks to my sponsors who helped me out last season and all the people who jumped behind the camera to help film this!

Nostalgia - Jkravitz 2K17

by JKravitz
Dec 2017 - 1.1K views

Jedidiah Kravitz 2017 Season Edit
With lots of snow in the Sierras, last year was a winter to remember! Heres a recap of some of my season. Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone who helped film to make this possible!
Instagram: @jedi13k
Song: Nostalgia - the Geek
Filmed by: Listed in credits

Jed Kravitz 18/19 Season

by JKravitz
Nov 2019 - 2.6K views

This past winter Tahoe witnessed a huge tragedy when we lost one of the best to ever do it: And "i" Mcdowell. Andy was an unreal skier and an even better person, a true legend. Tahoe got absolutely hammered with snow after he passed but it was hard to get motivated to want to get after it with such a heavy loss. Most of this edit was filmed from an all-time trip up to BC my buddy Shugz and I had before his passing, and the rest was filmed down on a trip to the sierras towards the end of March. I dedicate this edit to Andy because I know he would have wanted nothing more than for us to keep sending and living life to the fullest just as he always did. So make the most of your life and live the best you can because tomorrow is promised to no one. #LiveLikeAndy

2023 Slot Extremes - Jed Kravitz

by JKravitz
May 2023 - 523 views

Here is my winning entry to this years Slot Bar Extreme competition. This year, half the edit was based on fun in honor of Kyle Smaine, who passed away this winter. I only met Kyle a handful of times but every time I saw him out skiing I could tell that he was just having the best time and always fun to ski with. Also, such an incredibly talented skier. Thanks Kyle, for reminding us all to not take this sport too seriously and just have a good time out there!