MLK Gaper Tribute Jam

by iLLbiLLy
Jan 2010 - 5.5K views

Due to the high volume of texains and floridiots in our park over mlk we decided to make our friday open jam contest(freshfridays) gaper theme. Extra points were awarded for the texas airs and big poles

Teton FebPOWuParTy

by iLLbiLLy
Feb 2014 - 1K views

The ol' NC crew gets back together to shred around Jackson during the peak of Febpowuary. Nothing but good times and pure stoke. Shot Feb 20-23

Friends on pow day

by iLLbiLLy
May 2015 - 1.6K views

Because trying to sled ski by yourself just isn't as much fun.

I'm sure most of you will instantly recognize I ripped the song off of IDEA. If you didn't then do yourself a favor and go watch that instead:

Filmed entirely on sony action cam and HX50v point and shoot.

I know, 5 minutes is way to long for a ski edit these days #sorrynotsorry

Know Before You Go

by iLLbiLLy
Nov 2015 - 403 views

" It doesn?t matter if you have made thousands of good calls ? all it takes is one bad call and that is one too many. Some days the mountains are screaming GET OUT OF HERE and some days they are saying come on in ? it?s time to party." - Jeremy Jones

Do you know when to back off and when it?s good to go? The Know Before You Go avalanche awareness program will get you started down the path of learning the language of the mountains and becoming a better and safer rider.

The Utah Avalanche Center and the Colorado Avalanche Information Center have teamed up with Avalanche Canada, Backcountry Access, the American Avalanche Association, the American Institute of Avalanche Research and Education, the National Avalanche Center, Sherpas Cinema, Red Bull Media House, Brainfarm, and others to bring you this beta which is unlike any other PSA you are likely to see.
Go to for more information.