Whiteroom Productions - Trial & Error Trailer

by J0I
Jul 2014 - 962 views

TRIAL and ERROR is a fundamental method of solving problems. It is characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success or until the agent stops trying. The season was dominated by new experiences, epic powder runs, major setbacks, injuries, awesome lines, annoying negotiations in foreign countries, lots of fun and pain

Lifelong Trailer

by J0I
Jun 2011 - 2.4K views

"Lifelong" presented by Gore-Tex® is an Aestivation Entertainment production, filmed on location in Full HD by Mo and Max Garhammer, Niclas Loeffler, Hias Springer and Sean Balmer. More infos on

Season Pow

by J0I
Apr 2011 - 2.1K views

Riders: Michi, Davv, Mo, Joi, Burger, Alex, Markus, Teddy, Bambam, Max, Joggl, Simon, Flo, Dennis

The past few weeks..

by J0I
Feb 2011 - 2.1K views

Bad snow conditions everywhere over the alps, so I cut a new vid, that we forget the depression and can look forward again for the fresh snow we will get soon(hopefully)...

Earliest Edit Ever!!!

by J0I
Sep 2010 - 6.6K views

Don´t need to fly to south america. A massive cold front crossed the alps last week and dumped about 45cm( almost 2 feet) of fresh Powder. Super fresh Pow POW!!!!!