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by LOS
Sep 17th - 2.3K views

A ski movie by Legs Of Steel
in association with Absolute Cine
Presented by Völkl

It’s often easy to overthink a ski movie and at times the reasoning behind it. The plan was simple. Focus on skiing, go where we want and do what we want. Jumps, lines and deep powder. This is an old school flick, plain and simple. It’s about friendship and freeskiing, one to one with some of the best powder hounds around...

Featuring the riding of: Ahmet Dadali, Markus Eder, Paddy Graham, Colter Hinchliffe, Bene Mayr, Hidemitsu Okada, Tanner Rainville, Tom Ritsch, Fabio

Skiing in: Arlberg – Austria, Kiroro – Japan, Shimamaki Snowcats – Japan,
Davos – Switzerland.

Directed by: David Peacock & Andre Nutini
Principle cinematography by: David Peacock, Andre Nutini & Christoph Thoresen
Produced by: Legs Of Steel
Additional sponsors: Dalbello ski boots & Marker bindings and protection.


To maximise your enjoyment of this ski movie we recommend not to watch it
alone. Watch it together!

You can host your own screening; it doesn't matter if you're a film festival,
theatre, ski shop or simply a private person who wants to host a screening for
your friends on the couch. Contact us and we will take care of your needs!


For more information visit:

THE COLLECTIVE I Official Trailer

by Faction
Sep 16th - 2.1K views

The second full feature ski film by The Faction Collective, in co-production with Red Bull Media House, dropping Fall 2019. Adventuring to undiscovered peaks together, plotting midnight-raids on inner-city handrails, lapping your home run until that last ray of sunshine disappears behind a distant ridge… Skiing is Collective. Some call it a tribe mentality, others call it a shared sense of purpose. This film is our definition, written by a diverse team, each with their own ideas, their own forms of expression. THE COLLECTIVE is more than the sum of its parts. No matter who you are or where you come from – it feels good to be part of something special.

Tour dates:


Alex Hall, Alexis Ghisleni, Andrew Pollard, Antti Ollila, Ben Buratti,
Benjamin Forthun, Caroline Claire, Cody Cirillo, Corey Jackson, Daniel
Hanka, Duncan Adams, Eirik Sateroy, Giulia Tanno, Kelly Sildaru, Mac
Forehand, Margaux Hackett, Markus Fohr, Mathilde Gremaud, Pablo
Schweizer, Sam Anthamatten, Sarah Hoefflin, Shingo Sasaki, Taisuke
Kusunoki, Tim McChesney, Timothé Sivignon, Will Berman

Shot on location:
Helsinki, Finland; Hakuba, Japan; British Columbia, Canada; Leysin,
Switzerland; La Clusaz, France; Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland; Folgefonna,
Norway; Saas Fee, Switzerland

Directed by Etienne Mérel
Produced by Tim Harty
Principal Cinematography: Etienne Mérel, Bluemax Media, Martin Bernard
Aerial Cinematography: Bluemax Media, Guido Perrini, Etienne Mérel
Edited by: Etienne Mérel
Executive Producers: Alex Hoye, Michael Putz, Florian Moser
Music: “El Niño” by DjeuhDjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson

Saas-Fee paradise X EZ

by TangyAortic
Sep 10th - 1.1K views

Some days in Saas-Fee :)
Cameraman instagram : _42mm_
Big thanks to : K2skis, Harlaut, Tripout Optics, Chanvre Dc.
Music : Westside Gunn Ready Made

Henrik Harlaut - Day In Life / X Games Oslo 2019

by Newschoolers
Sep 10th - 845 views

This is August 31st 2019, atleast if you're Henrik Harlaut. See what goes on during a full day of the hecticness that is X Games Norway.

In this web-series you will get a behind the scenes look in to what a
day is like for professional freeskier Henrik Harlaut during the 19/20
winter season.

Filmed & Edited by Emil Granöö
Thumbnail Photos by Josh Bishop

Eye Trip (Level 20 - Episode 11)

by Level1
Sep 10th - 1.1K views

Turn out, tune on, and drop in. Skiing’s counterculture continues to buck the trends of what’s come before them- this is a worldwide documentationof ski action as you’ve never seen it presented before. Follow the Level 1 crew as they experiment with one of the largest gap jumps ever built in Sun Valley, Idaho, hit a record snowfall in Helsinki, Finland, and harvest the vast resources of Alaska”¦ or perhaps it’s all just a lucid dream? Wake up, because Level 1 will take you on the visual trip of a lifetime. Come along for the ride!


Ahmet Dadali, Tom Wallisch, Wiley Miller, Tanner Rainville, Phil
Casabon, Duncan Adams, Adam Delorme, Josh Bibby, Parker White, Chris
Logan, Mike Hornbeck, Corey Vanular, JF Houle, Henrik Harlaut, Liam
Downey, Will Wesson, Jon Brogan, Logan Imlach, and Friends

Shot on Location in:

Sun Valley ID, Champery Switzerland, Alaska, Colorado, Quebec, Utah,
Michigan, Mammoth Mountain CA, Alpine Meadows CA, Eclipse Snow Park,
Alta UT, Helsinki Finland, Revelstoke Mountain Resort BC, Mustang Pow
BC, and Whistler BC


Sep 9th - 566 views

watch Giray Dadali and Ian Hamilton on this fun filled ride at our local hill Brighton, Utah. This place has been the center of snowboard films for decades with legendary sidecountry access and jump spots. Accessing these zones with Daymakers Alpine Adapters, these boys set out to charge hard and make a short of their own after a decade of riding these part of the wasatch

Guest skiers: Ahmet Dadali, Alex Mager, Alec Finke

Filmed By:
Alex Mager @alx_mgr_video
Owen Dahlberg @osapferg
Mitchel Brower (Drone) @mitchellBrower

Still Photography
John Howland @johnhowlandphoto

Edited by
Giray Dadali @ahmetsbrother

Music by
Night Beats - Hex
Pan Ron - Rom Jongvak Twist

Shot on location at

Redrum in Hood

by seebass
Sep 8th - 1K views

Redrum in Hood is about the BC Park & Pipe Team, an aspiring group of skiers who accepts a position as off-season athletes of the isolated historic Timberline Lodge and Ski Area located at Oregon's famous Mt. Hood. The team possesses "the corking", psychic abilities that enable them to do stunts on the various terrain park features.

Corkers: Mitch Steven, Ben Lynch, Alex Thucydides, Andre Dreyer, Steven Kahnert, Leif Wilson, Alec Henderson, Lochlan Wilson, Cole Isfan

Filmed & Edited by Sebastien Berthiaume

Berkley Stone - ALTA 2019 POV

by lifeof_berkley
Sep 4th - 4.7K views

Coupla shots from the dome piece when I remember to hit record. Huge thanks to all the homies for the good vibes all year and even bigger thanks to Alta Ski Patrol for keeping us safe!

Sleepless - Flume

Michel Justen // 2018-19

by JichelMusten
Sep 3rd - 4.1K views

Shoutout all the homies. Shoutout all the filmers. Shoutout Trollhaugen. Shoutout Tyrol Basin. Shoutout skiing.

Filmers: Nick Schoess, Alex Havey, Kian B, Sam L, Ethan C, Lenni J, Tyler B, Jack W, Ben L

Sam Goodhue Utah 18/19

by HeyGuy
Aug 31st - 4.2K views

The stoke is high for the upcoming season. Big thanks to the rad people at JSkis and Daymaker Touring for helping me do what I love.



Sep 1st - 1.4K views

High school senior Jon McMurry built his own winch and made this street video during the 18/19 season. He recently moved to Utah and we can't wait to see what he gets up to!

Bfish 18-19

by brett_fisher
Aug 27th - 514 views

All the shots from past season, shout out to all the homies that made it rad and held a camera can't wait to get back at it soon!!!

welcome - Official Trailer

by strictly
Aug 28th - 4.2K views

A warm and friendly, yet cold and harsh offer.

World Premiere Saturday, October 5 at the Boulder Theater
Tickets available:

Ben Smith, Pete Koukov, Ethan Swadburg, Carson Kerr, Parker Norvell, Calvin Barrett, Sam Zahner

with appearances by
Jonah Williams, Dylan Siggers, Chance Conaty, Nick Hall, Levi Ascher, Taylor Lundquist, Zhach Pham

British Columbia

Andrew Mildenberger
Gavin Rudy
Alex Havey
Owen Dahlberg

Diana Ross - Love Hangover

J Hood Team Shoot 2019

by J_skis
Aug 22nd - 773 views

I took some of the J band of misfits to Hood this past Summer for a few days of sunny shredding to test out new skis and get photos on our recently released 19/20 graphic line. We couldn't have had better weather and the vibes stayed ski high the entire weekend.

For more photos from the shoot check out the blog below as well as give our brand new collection of skis a look! Remember, all skis are made in Limited Edition quantities so once they're gone, they're gone forever.

New skis:

OG Bdog Edit

by krunk1kkk
Aug 21st - 458 views

I do not own anything in this video

My favorite edit growing up, still gets me fucking hyped to ski. Can't wait for this season.


by vanhorn4
Aug 22nd - 385 views

"Sunset." is my 18/19 Season at Seven Springs, which has been my home mountain for about a decade now. So as I head to Cali, I'm super thankful for all the amazing memories and friends I've made at 7 Springs. From all those liquid lunches in the Alley lot with the boys, to stomping new tricks for the first time, it was hard to have a bad day down Water Wheel Drive.. But every great day has a Sunset.

Follow 304 Cinemas on
Insta: @304cinemas & @zachvanhorn

street and sessions - Christian Moser

Aug 19th - 922 views

Streetlife with Christian Moser! The best shots from the streets from 2017 to 2019. All spots were filmed in Switzerland – from the Graubünden region to the french speaking part of Switzerland. A video consisting of hard work and dedication to skiing.

Christian wants to thank his sponsors for the great support:
Line Skis, Diamond Boardshop and Melon Optics

Also a big thank you to all the homies:
Andrin, Nicolas, Nicola, Jan, Nathanael, Timon, Lars, Leo, Alain, Bruno, Dave, Nico, Jacques, Carlo, Loris, Severin, Till, Jan, Patrik, Ramon, Mauricio, Patrick, Nicola, Nando, Nils, Calvin, Dan, Moritz, Marcel, Samuel, Laurent, Robin, Mauro, Daniel, Yohan, Gilles and Sampo.

Hood Summer '19 | Quinn & Ferdi

by bueno
Aug 22nd - 2.3K views

"This is what happens when you let Quinn, Ferdi, and Oliver Hoblitzelle run wild on the glaciers of Hood. Filmed by Oliver Hoblitzelle"

Spyder outerwear video with Quinn and Ferdi goes hard

Early season Perisher shred

by Tino94
Aug 18th - 1.2K views

Filmed some hot laps with Maddie Jones early in the Ozzie season
A month ago I fucked my knee and ended my season pretty devastated but oh well it happens I just can't wait to be back on my skis!

OnSlaught Teaser ~~PURSUIT~~

by OnSlaught
Aug 12th - 466 views

Full Film coming this fall...

We are stoked to present PURSUIT to the people this Year as the 4th installment to the OS Movie Collection. This short film follows the OS crew as they pursue their dreams, in hopes it inspires others to join the movement and do chase their own pursuits in life.

Major shouts to everybody that was a part of this, couldn't be done without so many passionate individuals.
We put a ton of work into this and we're really hyped to share it with everyone.

Thanks for watching and sharing, come out to a premiere if your near by!

THE BLUEBERRIES present UNO (official teaser)

Aug 15th - 512 views

movie made during the 2018 - 2019 winter. featuring chris bolduc, raph duchaine, will pilote and tony bilodeau. follow us while we explore the amazing backountry of northern quebec.
filmed location: monts valins, reserve faunique des laurentide, charlevoix, labaie and lanse saint jean.
filmed by: evans murray, will pilote, chris bolduc, raph duchaine, tony bilodeau and julien gagnon
directed by chris bolduc and will pilote
edited by chris bolduc

Long Story Short (Level 20 - Episode 7)

by Level1
Aug 12th - 1.4K views

Produced & Directed By Josh Berman
Principal Cinematography By Josh Berman and Freedle Coty
Edited By Josh Berman, Freedle Coty, Neil Satanopolis

About Long Story Short:
Telling a tale of six months of sun, snow, and rain, over a dozen of skiing’s most talented athletes, hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, tens of thousands of vertical feet hiked, hundreds of quarts of 2-stroke snowmobile oil, a dozen speeding tickets and at least as many missed connecting flights, this year’s Level 1 film is indeed a VERY long story, short.
Shot in high-definition across the frozen globe, from remote powder stashes of Hokkaido, Japan, to the bent metal and concrete of the East Coast of North America, and the fabled kicker zones of Austria, and everywhere in between. Level 1 furthers their innovative vision of skiing, continuing their tradition of captivating cinematography, inspired features and locations, and mindblowing skiing exploits in what will be THE story of the ’06 ski season.

Stefan Thomas, Liam Downey, Steele Spence, Corey Vanular, Travis Redd, Colby west, JD Zicat, Alex Balsen, Chris Biollo, Cedric Tremblay Fouriner, Loic Collomb Patton, Craig Coker, Flo Weisser, Tim Russell, Sean Decker, John Symms, JF Houle, Arnud Rougier, Matt Philippi, Dan Marion & Friends

Montreal, Quebec, Arlberg, Austria, Lake Tahoe, CA, Keystone, CO, Crested Butte, CO, Wasatch Mountains, UT, Brandywine, BC, La Clusaz, France, Niseko, Japan, Backwoods, WY

Summer Daze

by Emersahn
Aug 12th - 924 views

Lucky enough to get to ski at Woodward for week 10 August 5th-9th. Huge thanks to Woodward and Giro for making this possible. Hope you enjoy, thank you.

0:00 - 1:04 Filmed by Jack Benziger IG: @CameraMonJack
1:05 - 2:30 Filmed by Reagan Wallis IG: @ReaganWallis

Skier: Emerson Lawton IG: @Emerson_L