2bi4- Features

by tie.
Jan 2009 - 6.2K views

Features are up! Featuring!: Kyle Dezi, Mark Pomykato, Spencer Harkins, Mikey Gallant, Scott Cardoza, Vinny Mauro, Ty Whelan


by DedicatedPicturs
Feb 2009 - 11.2K views

This webisode features more urbans and a weekend in our local resort, Varingskollen! New for this time is the bonus part, featuring us getting kicked out from an urban rail, an edit from Sprite Zero Big Air Open, some footage from after the contest and a mini edit from the mini park in Hemsedal!
Skiers - Herman Fj�¸ss (17), Niklas Engebretsen (14), Marcus Horn (18), Johan Berg (13), Richard Rokke (13), Per Sch�¸yen (15), Gudbrand Schistad (15), Henrik Kj�¸lmoen (13), Jens Gunhildrud (15), Tobias Bang (15), Lars Bj�¸rum (15), Mats Frantzvaag (15) and J�¸rgen Br�¸ndstad (13)
Black Milk - Look at us snow
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a dream
Tru Paz - Country Roads Remix

D-Show Episode 2 - Vallee du Parc

by Mr.Bishop
Feb 2009 - 7.4K views

Last weekend was the second stop of the D-jam tour at Vallée du Parc in Quebec. The weather was there and the park was incredible. Vallée du Parc is a small mountain in Sawinigan but as a excellent park one of the best we have seen in the Quebec region. Good park mean good time for all of us at the d-jam . We had a chance to see some sick move form Alex Bellemare and Cedric the Pirate on the jump and rail .