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Trailer - Places To Go - A Jim Harris Story

by Rogge
Jul 2015 - 904 views

Verb Cabin is proud to present, in association with High Fives Foundation, Smith Optics and Craig Hospital, the story of a world-renown photographer and his unique road of recovery following a devastating spinal cord injury. "Places To Go ? A Jim Harris Story" is a short documentary film featuring photographer Jim Harris. After instructing wilderness mountaineering courses for seven years, Harris was hired for a photo shoot in 2011. Since then, he?s written about and photographed expeditions for National Geographic, Powder, Backpacker, Men?s Journal, and others. He found a niche shooting Type II Fun and wilderness trips in places like Mongolia, Bolivia and Antarctica, but he loves tromping around his home mountains in Utah. In November 2014, Harris was practicing with a traction kite, which he was planning on using to pull him and his partners along windswept Patagonia on their skis, when a strong gust caught him and yanked him high into the air. Harris struggled to regain control of the kite. Instead, he accelerated towards the ground in a crushing fall left him with two broken vertebrae in his back, two more shattered, and the loss of feeling and movements in his lower body. An outdoor community fundraising effort raised $107,750 for Harris? medical evacuation, surgeries and rehabilitation. Once home, he was transferred to the spinal cord facility at Craig Hospital, a cutting-edge rehabilitation center in Englewood, Colo., for his most difficult expedition yet. "Places To Go ? A Jim Harris Story" picks up the story from here, following the once-active Harris, confined to a wheelchair, on an emotional and physical journey to get back the life and feeling he lost in a few tragic moments in South America. The film will be released in Fall 2015. Directed by Mike Rogge and Blake Kimmel Written by Jim Harris Proudly supported by High Fives Foundation, Smith Optics, and Craig Hospital

The Way Things Are Going

by Rogge
Apr 2013 - 762 views

This is from my first heli trip. As a park rat from the East Coast, I nearly shit myself when I got to ski the terrain and powder that was in B.C. at Kingfisher Heli Skiing.

The Ski Show - Sammy Carlson

by Rogge
Sep 2011 - 728 views

In episode two of The Ski Show, Sammy Carlson sits down to chat about prima donnas, his new film 'On Top of the Hood', and what it means when the industry mixed business with ski pleasure.

Wally Wins Tickets (lots of 'em)

by Rogge
May 2010 - 5.8K views

When 4bi9 came to Burlington, Vermont, LJ suggested we go to the infamous Pizza Putt for mini golf and video games. Tom stepped up to this game and after a few tries, hit the jackpot. Unfortunately, the machine didn't compute the win and we had to convince the attendant to hand over the tickets. She, instead, challenged Tom to hit the jackpot again. She swiped her card for a free game and the following video is what happened.

Concrete Courage

by Rogge
Apr 2010 - 11.7K views

An excerpt from the 30 minute edit: "Concrete Courage: The Saga of Urban Skiing" as seen in the bonus features of Meathead Films' 2009 release, "Wild Stallions." The edit is made from footage that did not make the final cut of the feature film. Saddle up and grab a copy of the "Wild Stallions" DVD at

Wild Stallions Trailer - Meathead Films

by Rogge
Jul 2009 - 15K views

Out on the frozen peaks and gritty streets of the East Coast, roams a mighty and majestic creature. Renowned for their endurance and aggressive behavior, Wild Stallions are notoriously elusive and rarely captured on film. Meathead Films dedicated the 2009 season to tracking stampedes all over the Eastern U.S. and Canada range. In this never-before-seen footage, watch as stallions gallop across the countryside, navigating treacherously deep snow and bewildering urban terrain. Learn about this misunderstood animal and what drives them to perform tremendous athletic feats in such a hostile environment. Shot in High Definition, 16mm and Super 8 film, Wild Stallions will prove once and for all, that some animals just cant be tamed...