Ski Touring Japan With Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon

by EnviedQuo
Jun 9th - 389 views

Ski touring Japan is much like a surf trip a real sense of freedom and discovery when you find what you set out to look for. Navigating our way around the snow covered peaks, we stared out the windows of the van feeling a sentiment of nostalgia, we were like children in a candy shop.. everywhere we looked there were lines to be had and all we could think about is tearing down these untouched runs to only do it again as soon as we got back up the mountain."
Skiing: Alexander Glavatsky-Yeadon
Filming/editing: Tom Christie

Ep 01 - Pray Big - Whitewater 2019 Daymaker Touring "You Can Tour With Us"

Jun 6th - 933 views

Episode 01 of Daymaker Touring's skiing series " You Can Tour With Us". Pray Big debuts young buck Utah big mountain skier Max Meza in the deep powder proving grounds of Whitewater Ski Resort, British Columbia with Veterans Giray Dadali (Aka Ahmets Brother) and Rob Aseltine.

For Rob and Giray, this was their third trip to this destination. It was a trip that weighed heavily on their minds whether or not to go. The winter of 2019 in Nelson, BC was one of their driest while the Utah homeland was seeing a winter of epic proportions. With 1-3" of snow forecasted during the potential trip, the Daymaker crew decided to follow their destiny and drive through a snowstorm shutting down highways and turning their 14 hour drive into 36 hours of travel.

Persistence does not always ripen the fruits of reward, but the snow gods felt generous and showered down deep, unexpected snow for the crew. The boys skied 30" of deep, coldsmoke in 0F conditions for 2 days and caught an epic evening sun window on the famous spined headwall at whitewater, allowing Giray and Max to ski a spine that Giray has been scoping for years.

Northern Idaho Photographer Doug Marshall made an appearance on the scene after having shot Giray and Rob in 2015 for their initial trip to whitewater and Schweitzer Mountain titled "Peregrine". Doug arrived on day 3, just in time to save the crew from a car breakdown and provide some amazing photo documentation of the boys up north.

Special Thanks to Snocru Mobile Tracking App for the additional support to make "Pray Big" happen ( )

Thanks to Whitewater Ski Area for the amazing skiing year after year

Video & Editing
Alex Mager -

Douglas Marshall -
Rob Aseltine -

"Lake View" - Sarah Angel
"Double Ride" - Ham Jam Band

Whitewater Chalet, the best cabin housing on the access road to the ski hill

Act IV: The Highest Peak

by Budh.ies
Jun 6th - 281 views

From an epic backcountry trip at Jewel Basin Yurt to sharing their first podium, Dean and Ian were on the highest peak of their lives. What goes up, however, must come down. On one unfortunate night everything changed and the future of the Budhies was uncertain...

'Shall Oui' by Phil Casabon & Brady Perron

Jun 3rd - 2.9K views

Phil takes a visit to Utah to take a load off and enjoy a range of spring terrain. Perron takes him on a quick tour of the Wasatch front, showing its fun natured accessibility and beauty. Enjoy three minutes of flawless Phil mixing playfully with Perron’s lens, giving justice to Phil’s pro model ski dropping this fall. #ThisIsArmada

5 months of skiing

by HMW
May 30th - 398 views

Here we go again. The summarize of my season. Had a good time and want to thank everybody involved. Also want to give a huge thanks to Faction skis and Bluebird Optics for the support.
And a special thanks to Victor Esteby and Casper Arvefors for keeping me supplied with some crazy good filming.

Master of Disaster

May 25th - 146 views

skiing sure is fun. hope everyone enjoys the video.

I do not own the rights to the music in this video. songs: Lord of this World- Black Sabbath Convoy- C.W. McCall Get Low- Parliment

Rail Pile

by 860media*
May 21st - 2.3K views

Carinthia left the rails in a pretty strategic way so people wouldn’t hit them....challenge accepted. With shovels and some questionable rail wedging we made it happen. Check it out and hope to see ya all this weekend at Peace Pipe!

Created By:
Chris DeJohn

Garret Colby
Chris DeJohn
Rob Newton
Mike DeJohn
Ian Ackerman


One Month in Hokkaidō by Gilles Luisier

by gilles.luisier
May 19th - 182 views

The perfect ski trip : deep powder days, beautiful ski tours, skiing on volcanoes, amazing landscapes, new friendships, onsen and miso soup.
Locations : Rusutsu, Mont Yōtei, Furano et Asahidake
Song : Nothing to Lose (Zed Bias Instrumental) · Pieces Of A Man et KOHH - Paris (Sam Tiba Remix)

Act III: A Personal Peak

by Budh.ies
May 12th - 446 views

Ian got the news from the doctor that his knee wasn't blown and proceeded to get after it in MT, BC and UT. Nothing is better than being back on skis after thinking you were done for the season. This Act is simply about how much fun skiing is and how grateful we are to be able to do what we do. Cheers.

Los Amigos Presents: DUNBARBARBAR - The Movie

by Los_Amigos
May 12th - 2.9K views

After a long and hard lawsuit involving sponsors, athletes, and record labels due to copyright infringement, we have been granted access to post last years Dunbarbarbar edit. This is THE 2017-2018 season for the Dunbar crew.
Featuring Connor Martin, Dylan Runner, Cobo Alvarez de Toledo, Axel Runner, Henry Eckert, Catherine Agnew, Isaak Goldenberg, Eli Bucher, and Sam Reeves.

Sou12Ski Phase II

by cwise
May 11th - 70 views

Sou12Ski is a goal of mine to ski every month of the year in 2019 on real snow. This video is the second installment to document and capture the antics.

Shwinter 19 at the Noz

by munro
May 3rd - 130 views

Zach Munro 18/19 Season Ski Edit Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Filming: Sam Levings

Additional Filming: Ryan Butterfield

Skiing and Editing: Zach Munro

Visit for vacation details and all the info you need

Music: Ogre You Asshole - Balance

Location: Nozawa Onsen, Nagano, Japan

Thanks to all the amazing friends who made this season possible for me and who make life in Nozawa so incredibly fun and special.
Until next year...
Ski ya later

fly away

by ianoSKI
May 1st - 584 views

Collection of my favorite shots from this winter in the terrain parks. Thanks to Flatbush Zombies and anyone who filmed. Open your mind.

Will It Vend?

by fdm
May 1st - 229 views

Deep in the Japanese backcountry, you will find vending machines a plentiful. Crack open a cold Pocari Sweat and enjoy the ride.

In February, we made our way to Japan for a few weeks to soak up all of the onsen water on the Northern island of Hokkaido. We once again found ourselves deep in the endless snow that Japan is famous for. Lucky enough to see a few afternoons of sunshine and even a weather window, we summited Mount Yotei while the snow quality degraded during our last few days of the trip.


by ChainsVocal
Apr 30th - 716 views

This project took place in Revelstoke, BC, and in Quebec city. I have to say thanks again to everyone that helped me through this process. Rider: Louis-Olivier Desjardins Gravel
2) Da Rockwilder, Method man.

Ville Vuori - Transition

by V.Vuori
Apr 28th - 452 views

Here is my two year film project from 2016-2018. Thanks to all my sponsors who supported me!

Filming: Redline Films and Jani Hujanen

Music: DJ Mehdi - Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit)
Fred Falke - 808pm at the beach