Luke Watts summertime edit.

by L.Watts
Nov 23rd - 234 views

Filmed by Oli Kane from Fridgebangers and Enjoy the View. Filmed around the UK, a massive thank you to everyone who skied this summer and helped us sort passes for our first ever film! song: FOALS-Mountain at my Gates.

When I'm Not Filming // Nick Schoess // Pinewskis // Colab Brand // Trollhaugen

by nosebutter.exe
Nov 21st - 408 views

2 years of trying to live up to the amazing people I have the privilege of skiing and being friends with. I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that have been presented to me through the Human Being series, Pinewskis, Colab Brand, etc. Skiing is my passion and for the last 19 years it has consumed my life. I look forward to another 19 seasons sliding ice and rails here in the midwest. Music: The Roots Edit: Nick Schoess Film: Drew Ahlstrom, Ben Morine, Kian Barrett, Sam Lobinsky and friends Special Thanks: DAVE SUTTON, Valerie Weekes, Drew Ahlstrom, Cory and Trevor Pinewski, Dan Pinewski, Shane Nelson, David Duea, Aaron Hunter, Mike Kennedy, Bjorn Melin, Matt Wunderlich, Matt Krohn, Hannah Peterson, Kian Barrett,Sam Lobinsky, Adam Mauler, Justin Lillo, Mom and Dad, MCTC, Sean Donahue, ON3P Skis for making the best heccing skis ever, Steve Janisch, Matt Koskinen, Karl Bekkala, Kael Luberts, Everyone at Troll, everyone at Pinewskis, Everyone at Colab, my Grandma Merle, God, Food and my dog Abby.

860media Presents: Ardent (full film)

by 860media*
Nov 20th - 3.6K views

The boys pushed through just about every injury last year. Dislocated shoulder, lacerated spleen, blown out knees, a dislocated hip, and broken hands. But, despite all that we made the best out of it and got down to business. Get with it or get rolled over. Created By: Chris DeJohn Bryan Jones Featuring: Mike DeJohn Alex Keimel Chris DeJohn Ian Ackerman Griffin Dahl Rob Newton Bennie Osnow Jared Degumbia Calvin Lyons & Friends Additional: Owen Dahlberg Mark Hendry The Crew Supported By: The Studio Clothing Toby Kieff // Carinthia Parks // Line Skis // Full Tilt Boots // Northpull Winch Co. // Daymaker Touring // 860studio //

Kaunertal Prime Day (Fall 2018)

by Joerga
Nov 19th - 353 views

I went to the Snowpark Kaunertal last week and filmed a "One Day in the Park" Clip with Severin Guggemoos. Additional shots with Jannis Hoffmann and Valentin Morel. Enjoy and subscribe if you wanna support real edits.


by twoowtskis
Nov 19th - 427 views

Proper start of the week with the fresh TWOOWT-episode - the continuation of new series by our Swedish ripper Samuel Ålander. His skiing is 100% hip-hop, without any impurities nor dyes, so enjoy & share! #twoowtskis #twoowtfam #twoowtMAKRO #newschoolers


by twoowtskis
Nov 15th - 503 views

Samuel Ålander is bringing fresh series of park edits. Plain and simple - 1 minute of skiing filmed by friends and edited by Sam. Here's the first part of the series, Sam is shredding MAKRO 176 - Dima Makrushin signature skis. Enjoy & share! #twoowtskis #twoowtfam #twoowtMAKRO #newschoolers

"Pre Season"

by flip_phone_
Nov 14th - 128 views

It’s just a leg warm up. A film by Jacob Erickson Filmed on location at the Whitewater Ski Resort pre season set-up Run time 5:43

EGO-TRIP by Remco Kayser

by Remco
Nov 12th - 14.4K views

After surprisingly being invited for Superunknown XV in Winter Park Colorado, I didn't want to fly to the USA for just a week, so I talked with fellow finalists Simon Bartik and Jessy Desjardins and we organised what became the best road-trip of my life. I joined Simon, Jessy, Carlo Mion, Philippe Clairoux, Philippe Gaucher and Kevin Desjardins in Portland where we later drove to California and Colorado trough some epic scenery. Hope you will enjoy, ONE LOVE ! What to expect: - Illegal stuff such as 3 different angles for a cork 9 - Beautiful landscapes from our road trip - Nice still pictures - Quality shots from Mammoth filmed by the man Carlo Mion - Unseen shots from Winter Park during Superunknown. - Pretty bad crashes - Good music - A selfie in front of the Tesla Gigafactory in Reno - A broken down Tesla in the middle of some Oregon forest and in the middle of the night - A rail run from Carlo who’s a good filmer AND and great skier Huge thanks to Wells Lamont, my parents, my friends, uni, Geneva and everyone out there !!!!

Summit-Danya Manyak

by D.Manyak
Nov 10th - 251 views

Danya Manyak hiking some early season rails at A-basin and Keystone. Big thanks to Akrynm Clothing, Zeal Optics, and Apex Boots for the support!


by trifonitchev
Nov 9th - 151 views

it's been already published on newschoolers in the summer by an other account , i just wanted it to be uploaded on my personal for the record. thanks for the people making it possible so apologies for the repost @thomastrifonitchev ig


by SLIMilan
Nov 8th - 589 views

The Boulder Boys meet up with Friends to scrape the remaining paint off the features in the terrain park. Skiers in order of appearance: Gunnar Gronowski Calvin James - sorry for getting your name wrong in the edit :( Mike Cappola Sam Zahner Evan Aiudi Chuck Babcock Sam Brown Charlie Turchetta and Jack Donovan

Box Set | Movie Trailer

by Unaffiliated
Nov 8th - 462 views

Filmed over the past few years. Box Set features the riding of Sam Anderson, Paul Marik, Sam Klein, Seth Leinbach, and many many more.. The full movie will be released on November 6th. This project is for Unaffiliated Productions, directed and edited by Alex Havey. Background art courtesy of Jon Fox The song used in this trailer is "600 miles" by The Road Miles

Season ender 17/18

by kalle.
Nov 8th - 247 views

I've started my transformation from a park skier to an all-mountain dude fully last season, so naturally I try to bring that to my skiing when I'm in the park. So I decided to drop this edit I made for the gram on NS too, hopefully you'll like it. This is from the last day of 17/18 season. Filmed by Sami Lindsberg @skeggesami