by Durtschi
Oct 2009 - 15.6K views

My King of Style Entry, With the Help of Poor Boyz and Atomic for the Footage. I could only use Teaser shots from Poor Boyz so that is why some of the landings are chopped! Would love to compete in a big air and hope you guys like my edit, I tried to do something a little different, Rate it up 10 stars if you like it!
Thanks again to the Filmers and to Hathbanger for his mixed up M83.


by Durtschi
Mar 2010 - 7.8K views

We did't know who this athlete was or who was filming him. I later learned athlete was OK.

Film rolling, skier throws what I guessed was a huge Kangaroo flip over Chad's Gap, landing deep on the hill into heavy warm snow. On contact, blown out of skis, and hand springs out of view.

Skier is tiny dot just above point of largest foreground tree (lower right of frame). Kicker take-off is white spot dead center of frame. Landing hill is behind trees opposite kicker. Skier is never more than a tiny dot in this clip - sorry for the flea circus.

Our brave friend, that was gigantic. Bigger than that. Wow.


by Durtschi
May 2010 - 7.6K views

This Diary is all about Mt. Bachelor. I skied with some friends and Family, Erica Durtschi and LJ Strenio make appearances, and this one is full of action I promise! In order to make this video exciting I did a ton of follow cams with my gopro, and did some self go pro action as well, and I got to see turner do a 1440 on a box, gotta see it.


by Durtschi
Apr 2011 - 2.3K views

Skiers and Snowboarders unite, is what this movie is saying, and I agree. I had alot of fun with Shayne and Austin up at Smiley Creek, I wish I could have stayed longer but 2 weeks was fun enough. This video is worth watching just to see my switch frontflip haha, have not done one of those in a while. The full webisodes will drop this fall.


by Durtschi
Apr 2011 - 3.2K views

This Diary starts with some POV Snowmobiling in Idaho. Then I go and eat it on some Urban. I went flying in Alaska with my brother, got a plane ride to the ski area Alyeska! Next is some of my footage from my Trip in Cordova with Points North Heli Adventures, you will have to wait for Poor Boyz to see the bangers.

Durtschi Diaries 19

by Durtschi
Sep 2013 - 3K views

Durtschi Diaries is back with a new intro and new footage from filming at Brighton Resort and guardsman pass nearby. Brighton got some great snow in December and we took advantage of the easy access side-country. I was lucky enough to get some sled days in Guardsman pass and shoot with Galen Knowles. We found some nice features that were perfect for the early season snowpack. Huge thanks to Saga Outerwear and all my sponsors! Filmed: @jermpaquette @gknowproductions Featuring: @timdurtschi @johnkutcher