Mellow mood

by peter87
May 2008 - 6K views

Hey we haven't really put much out this year sorry bout that we'll have a video though heres some stuff from a couple days this year i put together.

Everyday Struggle- Pow and Park

by peter87
Jan 2011 - 4.5K views

So it snowed a bunch over the holiday week, we were able to battle through the crowds and get a few pow shots, still very fun. The sun came out and has stayed out long enough too for us to get a park up so it'd been really fun at Alpine. Check it out i hope you like it.
Notorious B.I.G.-everyday struggle
Apollo Brown-odds ain't fair
Electric Light Orchestra- Mr. Blue sky

Everyday Struggle- Return of snow

by peter87
Feb 2011 - 2.3K views

So, we had probably one of the strangest January's in the 6 I've been in the Tahoe basin. got a solid few days of rain during the first week which wrecked all of our snow we had gotten which was a shame. but you can't win em all. We got a good cold 10 inches to a foot over the weekend which was great and a mellow day at Boreal, thank you Jon Slaughter from boreal. hope you enjoy more coming quicker.

Help from level 1

by peter87
May 2011 - 2.3K views

Hey guys,
The season is coming to an end unfortunately. Level 1 came to town this past week and shot for there movie at Alpine again which was great. I was lucky enough to work the shoot and watch mayhem unfold as they crushed every feature Jonhas built for them. I caught a small window of oppurtunity to hit a jump for 8-10 hits, Freedle Coty and Kyle Decker of Level 1 were nice enough to shoot me while skiing which was awesome and also gave me these shots to make a quick edit. Thanks a ton goes out to the Level 1 guys and also Jonhas David Head builder for us at Alpine.
A Tribe Called Quest - Keep it Moving

Pete Kukesh ten eleven

by peter87
Aug 2011 - 3.7K views

Hello, this is my season edit from the 10-11 season. Had a lot of fun this year with all the snow that fell in the Tahoe basin. Hope you enjoy it.