Spinning w/ Armada Australia

by X
Mar 2010 - 3.8K views

A lil' mash-up of the Armada Australia boys on the One Hit Wonder Down Under jump late in 2009.

(ps: they're gum trees)

(pps: soz, shoulda been in the edits section)

Bobby Brown set to make some noise Down Under

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Aug 2010 - 6.2K views

As a supporter of the Toyota One Hit Wonder, Salomon were invited to put forward one of their team riders to compete in Australia’s most watched skiing and snowboarding big-air event. They’ve nominated Brown.

NewPants Required

by X
Aug 2013 - 953 views

Winter 2013 arrived a little late, but it arrived... And it brought a random lone snowboarder hanging out under a wind lip in Stanley's Couloir. We both needed new pants.

"He Went Over a Cliff"

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Apr 2017 - 1.8K views

Throwback to some footage we just dug out of the archive... After retiring from Olympic competition, Australian Downhill skiers Jono Brauer and Craig Branch head to Points North Heli Alaska for what was to be their next adventure, although adrenaline levels are reset when Jono crashes on an exposed face and is swept over a 100 foot cliff.

The Worst Big Air Crashes

by X
Jun 2017 - 22K views

As the title says, just a cheese board of the heaviest crashes from the One Hit Wonder Big Air over the years served up for your viewing pleasure.