Season of Sauce

by dwt802
May 2017 - 491 views

Just a shitty edit of another amateur. Shoutout to everyone who helped film. It's been such a fun season out in the mountains, can't wait till next year!

Early Ice Coast

by dwt802
Feb 2018 - 356 views

A few clips from early season at Killington. Couldn’t throw down as hard as I wanted to because of a knee injury but it was a fun time. Shoutout everyone who filmed. @thetribe802

17/18 Snow Stunts

by dwt802
Jul 2018 - 711 views

Few clips from an amazing season with the homies. Incredibly blessed to go to woodward this year, it was an experience of a lifetime. Thanks to everyone who filmed and all the real 1s out there I met along the way. @thetribe802

Continued Snow Stunts 18/19

by dwt802
Jun 2019 - 621 views

Got a few clips this season. Was another year of fun out on the east coast. Shout out all the homies I got to share it with and filmed, was a mad good time. @thetribe802

Snow Stunts 19/20: The Finale

by dwt802
Jun 2020 - 383 views

Here’s some of the only clips I was able to film from last season. There was a lot going on with Woodward coming to killington and covid-19. In addition, it was my senior year of high school in Vermont and I’m headed to MSU for school next winter. Crazy to think this might have been my last full year at good old K-town. At the end of the day, shout out to all the homies who filmed and everyone who have made my experience at killington so amazing since I was young, will miss everyone. Hope you all enjoy 🥂

MT ➡️ VT Preseason

by dwt802
Jan 2021 - 267 views

Enjoy this little cut I made of myself starting with the first snow in Montana to holiday break back home at ktown. Shoutout to all who filmed and skied with me so far this year! @thetribe802