2019 Black Crows Ski Gear

Black Crows Anima

2019 Skis

A big mountain ski aligning powder and maneuverability. The anima is a very stable ski and extremely stable at high speed. It will embrace a skier's creativity (big lines, jumps, quick pivot) and keep them on their feet. Characteristics: Eager, Animated, Animalistic

  • Sizes: 176.8, 182.1, 188.4, 194.3
  • Dimensions: 143 / 115 / 128

Black Crows Atris

2019 Skis

The squadron's flagship model: the atris is a success with everyone on all snow types around the world. This stable ski is quick when edging with a progressive tail and a tolerant degree of flex; a powerful performer at high speed without lost of maneuverability. A really sporty character. The atris is a big mountain…

  • Sizes: 178.3, 184.2, 189.7
  • Dimensions: 140 / 108 / 126

Black Crows Atris Birdie

2019 Skis

Like its universal avatar, the atris birdie concentrates on four things: stability, rapid edging, tolerant degree of flex, and progressive tail rise. The combination means these skis perform superbly at high speed without loss of maneuverability or sportiness. Lighter and a little more supple than the universal atr…

  • Sizes: 160.1, 169.1, 178.3
  • Dimensions: 136 / 108 / 123

Black Crows Corvus

2019 Skis

This iconic model from Black Crows has had a thorough makeover, with the addition of a reverse camber, a flat underfoot segment, and a double titanal plate. This gives the new freeride corvus better pivoting in soft snow while keeping a very powerful grip on hard terrain. The ski is powerful and grips the ground we…

  • Sizes: 176.1, 183.4, 188.2, 193.3
  • Dimensions: 137 / 107 / 126

Black Crows Daemon Birdie

2019 Skis

Perfect alliance of titanal and full reverse camber. A very stable ski which is easy to put into action and efficient due to the full reverse camber. The tonicity of the flex is counterbalanced by the full reverse camber which allows the daemon birdie to combine speed, bounce, and good handling. Characteristic…

  • Sizes: 157.4, 164.3, 170.2, 177.4
  • Dimensions: 127 / 99 / 116

Black Crows Nocta

2019 Skis

Great flotation and good handling, the nocta is the ultimate toy for big conditions. The association of great float, full reverse camber, and straight edges allow the nocta to accumulate big floatation in powder, good stability on the edges and great handling. Characteristics: Unsinkable, Light, Playful

  • Sizes: 177.6, 185.5, 190.6
  • Dimensions: 132 / 122 / 140

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