Armada 116 JJ UL

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Bringing light to new heights, the new Armada ARV JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive big mountain freestyle experience. The new ski is 25% lighter than the original JJ. With less weight through the tip and tail, the new ARV JJ UL utilizes our light…

  • Sizes: 175, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 139 / 116 / 135 @ 192

Coalition Snow Abyss

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: She’s not bossy. She’s the F*ckin’ Boss and when you’re struggling through Sierra cement or busting up 2-day-old crud you’re going to want a ski that’s not afraid to push back. Modeled after our best selling and award winning SOS all-mountain women'…

  • Sizes: 173, 180
  • Dimensions: 140 / 118 / 135

Armada ARV 106

2019 Skis

Newschoolers Quick Review: The ARV 106 has been one of my favorites since it dropped a couple of years back and the new version is even better. When I'm not sure what conditions the trip I'm going on is going to throw at me (and I don't have something else I have to review). Perhaps the old ski was a touch (though t…

  • Sizes: 172, 180, 188
  • Dimensions: 136 / 106 / 126 @ 180

Armada ARV 116 JJ

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The 116 is tons of fun. It's a fairly solid ski but still plenty playful. It isn't necessarily one for the big lines, but it'd be a great great choice for the park kid who wants to get jibby in the pow like THall or the dad who wants to have a more surfy style to their skiing in deep snow. …

  • Sizes: 175, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 139 - 116 - 135 - 185

Atomic Backland 117

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Backcountry touring is exploding, and over the past few years our Backland series has proved super popular among new tourers, as well as a lot of seasoned pros. The reason for Backland’s popularity is that it’s strong and technical but still really easy to use. And this year w…

  • Sizes: 179, 186, 193
  • Dimensions: 141.5 / 117 / 130.5

Atomic Bent Chetler 120

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Bent Chetler is an icon of a ski. They're extremely surfy, float great and are very playful offering infinite buttery fun! They carve well, but they do chatter a more than other skis in the same bracket (ON3P Jeffrey 116, Volkl Bash 116.. even the Magnum Opus) however the new, lig…

  • Sizes: 176, 184, 192
  • Dimensions: 143 / 120 / 134

Faction Candide 3.0

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The 3.0 is a ski I've always thoroughly enjoyed testing. It's definitely improved over its gradual evolution and now carves excellently. The balsa/flax core provides enough stiffness for me to charge (5'9 and 140lbs) all the while being poppy, butterable and noticeably light in th…

  • Sizes: 162, 169, 176, 182, 186, 192, 204
  • Dimensions: 136 / 108 / 131

Faction Candide 4.0

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: Although they are marketed as stiffer, to me, the generous rocker makes the 4.0 feel softer and more playful than the 3.0. They do a good job of being surfy and still carve well. For the size they are super light and handle variety much more easily than previous versions (pre-16/17…

  • Sizes: 176, 182, 188, 194
  • Dimensions: 140 / 118 / 134

4FRNT Inthayne

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Pro skier, Thayne Rich known for his award winning backcountry freestyle video segments in Level 1 has completely re-designed his ski for this year. Imagine the snow is stacked up outside, and you’re on a mission to build a booter and land in bottomless powder. You don’t…

  • Sizes: 181, 188
  • Dimensions: 138 / 117 / 129 @ 181cm

Head Kore 105

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: For those who live on the edge, the Kore 105 will get you even further out there. Prepare to lead your posse with the perfect blend of lightweight and high performance. At a versatile 105mm, this is the perfect stash seeker.

  • Sizes: 171, 180, 189
  • Dimensions: 135 / 105 / 125

Head Kore 117

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Wide like a sumo wrestler, but light like a ballerina, the Kore 117 defies stereotypes. It's strong and light but stable and nimble. Go big, go light, go KORE.

  • Sizes: 180, 189
  • Dimensions: 145 / 117 / 129

Deviation Limit

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Whether you’re a spoiled local, an annual pilgrim to Alaska, or just an unapologetic snow snob, the Limit is the ultimate powder-slaying tool for those days when it’s worth calling in sick to work (or possibly quitting your job altogether). Our widest waist and redesigned h…

  • Sizes: 174, 185, 193
  • Dimensions: 141 / 118 / 135

Armada Magic J

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: As one of Armada's cofounders, Tanner Hall, continues to push the boundaries of skiing form urban to powder, the Armada Magic J remains his go-to tool in deep conditions. Utilizing tip and tail rocker and a stiffer flex pattern, the Magic J remains predictable and confident in whatever yo…

  • Sizes: 180, 190
  • Dimensions: 139 / 144 / 127 / 141 / 135

Line Magnum Opus

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: The Line Magnum Opus is an (almost) versatile superfat ski. So who actually needs such a thing? Well jibby skiers who live somewhere it snows a fuckload couldn't do much better. Less than super-gifted pow skiers who want to land switch and surf in fresh snow and need some help (AKA me) …

  • Sizes: 188
  • Dimensions: 148 / 124 / 146

Line Mordecai

2019 Skis

Newschoolers' Quick Review: They have the traditional surfy sidecut/profile of all Pollard skis but the stiffer nature of the ski does change things a little. They are much more comfortable in choppy snow and more stable on landings than either the wider Magnum or the narrower Bacon. They bridge the gap between th…

  • Sizes: 179, 186, 193
  • Dimensions: 141 / 114 / 138

Line Pescado

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The ski that changed it all. With a massive footprint, soft flex, and plunging, knocked-out tail, the Pescado redefines what it means to ride a directional pow ski. Equipped with a Partly Cloudy Core and bamboo sidewalls, the Pescado continues to exist within a category all of it's own.

  • Sizes: 180
  • Dimensions: 158 / 125 / 147

Salomon QST 118

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: QST 118 is the widest ski in the range, with full twin rocker to help you float in the deepest powder. You can also charge with confidence with the C/FX layer, a unique reinforcement that delivers all the power of metal at a fraction of the weight.

  • Sizes: 171, 178, 185, 192
  • Dimensions: 142 / 118 / 129

4FRNT Renegade

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Over a decade ago on this ski, Eric Hjorleifson launched his legendary ski career pioneering human powered, big mountain backcountry ascents, followed by now iconic, mind blowing high-speed lines down. This year he’s completely redesigned the Renegade. The new shape has the same …

  • Sizes: 184, 191
  • Dimensions: 137 / 122 / 130 @ 184cm

Line Sakana

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: Bred from the Pescado's DNA, Eric Pollard and LINE present an all-new creation, the Sakana. With an ever-versatile 105mm waist, Carbon/Flax reinforcements, and a shape that encourages a wide variety of turn shapes, the Sakana embraces a fluid, refined ski experience unlike anything else.

  • Sizes: 174, 181
  • Dimensions: 150 / 105 / 138

Line Sick Day 114

2019 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: From backcountry, slack country and hard pack, the all-new Sick Day 114 is the perfect powder ski for those looking for a surfy, playful feel and ease of use while planing through deep snow. Magic Finger Carbon Filaments add power without sacrificing weight.

  • Sizes: 180, 190
  • Dimensions: 140 / 114 / 126