Ski Gear 2019

Welcome to the home of 2018-2019 skis on Newschoolers. We're gathering what we think is the most comprehensive guide to skis for jib skiers you can find anywhere. We already have in-depth Roofbox Reviews of some the best skis out there, and over the course of the season, we've got plenty more coming. Our reviews are completely independent of our advertisers and contain the honest opinions of our team and our members. If you guys want to add your own comments on the products featured, please comment on the articles in here and we will incorporate your words. Oh and if you show promise as a reviewer, you could even find yourself on our review team for the coming season.

[Please note: This page is a work in progress and whole guide will be continually updated over the coming months.]


Our 2018-19 4FRNT Skis Gear Guide And Reviews

Just a year after Jason Levinthal's purchase of 4FRNT, they announced their new brand director Dan Cardon along with their 18/19 line of skis including direct to consumer pricing- which means all skis are under $599. "We've cut the middle-man, enabling us to deliver a higher quality, award-winning product directly to y…


686 Outerwear for 2018-19.

686 made an entrance into the skier market after signing Parker White to their team last year. New to their lineup this year is Hydrastash Technology in The Reservoir Jacket. The jacket features a .75L Camelbak-esque reservoir that fits near your body and feeds a valve up the jacket next to the zipper. The reservoir is…


Our 2018-19 Armada Skis Gear Guide And Reviews

There's a lot of small but important tweaks to the Armada line this year. Henrik's ski undergoes its first changes since its inception. Fatter edges and a slightly softer tail, address two of the complaints we had about the previous model. There's also a complete redesign of the ARV series with each model featuring cha…


Our 2018-19 Atomic Gear Guide And Reviews

Atomic and Chris Bentchetler are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Bent Chetler ski, which has gone through a progressive transformation over the course of the past decade. The ski was designed to surf the mountain and has, in turn, changed how athletes ski the backcountry. The new skis are made with a lighter…


Bern Unlimited 2018-19 highlights from from Outdoor Retailer.

Bern Unlimited has another line of street-inspired head protection without sacrificing comfort. They have integrated MIPS (multi-directional impact protection system), and all-season compatibility so you can keep your noggin protected on both skis and bikes. They have included 3 different constructions- Dual Shell Inte…

Black Crows

Our 2018-19 Black Crows Gear Highlights

The brainchild of Julien Regnier, Black Crows are back with largely graphical updates for this year. The highlight jib-able products are the Nocta (140-122-132), the Anima (143-115-116) and the Atris (138-108-128), Julien's 'most developed ski to date'. There's also a tour layup version of the Anima, and Corvus in the …


Blizzard is back with their same award-winning line of skis- featuring Carbon Flipcore and two sheets of metal, they're some of the hardest driving skis on the mountain.


Bollé has been perfecting their gear for 130 years after being founded back in 1888. Their Phantom light adaptive lens technology has allowed them to perfect optics on the mountain. The Phantom lens combines 4 technologies and revolutionizes our vision on snow. It is made with NXT material, which enhances vision…

Coalition Snow

Coalition joined the market to bring bomber women's skis to the ladies who need them. Their line is mostly the same as last year, however, they added a new 85 waisted All Mountain ripper, the Rebel.


Dalbello continues their tradition of providing skiers with the tools they need to dominate the park, backcountry, and more. No new improvements on the Lupo, IL Moro, Krypton, Chakra, & Kyra models, but if it's not broke, why fix it? IL MORO MX 90 Sizes: 250-305 Flex: 90 Last: 103mm IL MORO MX 110 / …


Dragon goggles come equipped with Lumalens, a Dragon specific innovation. The Lumalens technology provides color optimized high-definition optics for every light condition. The Lumalens Photochromic technology automatically adjusts itself to changing light conditions. All of their goggles now come with a 200% stronger …


Our 2018-19 Faction Skis Gear Guide And Reviews

Faction took last year's line simplification one step further this season by applying their four series of skis to both the women's and children's skis. The Candide series remains mostly the same with slight updates and new lengths. There is however the addition of the ski Candide mostly uses himself, the 5.0 (an upgra…

Feiyu Tech Gimbal

Full review coming out this Fall. Manufacturer's Description: Feiyu Tech G6 Gimbal — A Simple, World View, Controllable Action Camera Gimbal 1. Wifi + Bluetooth ( Dual Working Mode) You can connect your GoPro Hero 6 / Hero 5 / RX0’s WiFi to the G6 & control the camera to take video / photo a…


Fischer Skis' Freestyle offerings include the Nightstick- a fully symmetrical park and pipe ski- as well as the Ranger and My Ranger (Women's) Freeride series. The men's freeride Ranger comes in a 115, 102, and 90, and the women's in a 98, 89, and 85.

Full Tilt Boots

The biggest change to Full Tilt's line this year is the addition of the Ascendant. Their first ever touring boot includes pin inserts, interchangeable touring/ alpine soles, a touring cuff with walk mode, and a stiff tongue for the downhill.

The biggest change to Full Tilt's line this year is the addition of the Ascendant. Their first ever touring boot includes pin inserts, interchangeable touring/ alpine soles, a touring cuff with walk mode, and a stiff tongue for the downhill. The Descendant 8 now features the Evolution Pro Tour as well, for utilization …


Head returned with a mostly familiar freeride line, bringing back the Framewall, Caddy, and Show in the Park sector, and the Kore Freeride Series. New to the Kore series however is the Kore 99, a versatile one ski quiver that will help you to destroy both the frontside of the mountain and stick with you on those deeper…


Icelantic's much loved Nomad collection is back for another year with just graphical changes, though they added a 91mm width to their ladies' 'Maiden' collection.

J Skis

J Skis has 6 models for 2019, available in a variety of limited edition graphics.


Last year, K2 consolidated and improved their line with the introduction of The Catamaran as well as some tweaks to their jib line. This year they brought back the same line they perfected with new graphics.


KULKEA has redefined the gear bag category.

Founded in 2009 by skiers, for skiers. Kulkea specializes in developing technically designed ski boot bags, ski bags and backpacks for those getting onto the mountains. Their products support Hall of Fame and Olympic athletes such as Nick Goepper, and their premium quality stands the test of time. While their …

Lib Tech

Lib Tech is back this year with a full freestyle line. Their park ski is the Backwards, a cambered ski with early rise, making it a butter-friendly yet stable option. The UFO is their all mountain freestyle jib option which now comes in a 115 in addition to the 100. Lastly, the Wreckcreate comes in a 90, 100, and new t…


Liberty's Freeride line saw quite a few improvements for this season. First off, the Origin line was completely revamped. The former Origin 116 has become the Origin 112 with a refined rocker profile and slightly smaller waist. The Origin 90 & Origin 96 have an updated profile with low rocker in the tip and tail. …


The 2018-19 Line Skis Gear Guide And Newschoolers Reviews

Facebook | Instagram Much of Line's...err... lineup remains the same for 2018 (pretty sure we do that shitty pun yearly). However, there are some headline stories, the most relevant of which is a complete redesign of The Chronic with a new flex pattern, some early taper and a wider footprint aimed at turning it in…

Marker Bindings

Marker is back with 10 years of their royal bindings line. New this year is the Duke 18 Pro, a burly frame AT binding. They've also integrated Sole ID into their Royal line, which is a toe sole that is compatible with both AT and Alpine boots. Lastly, new to the lineup is a full tech binding, the Alpinist. The Alpinist…


"While ski companies continue to get bought out, traded, moved around, switched up and thrown for a loop, we’re still here at Moment doing what we do best, building killer skis for all the ups and downs that the mountain throws at you. With the introduction of new models, updates to existing favorites and a crew …


Nordica's freestyle line is back and remains virtually unchanged besides a graphic refresh for the upcoming season. For the men's line they're back with two series- the Soul Riders (Park) which comes in a 97, 87, and 84, as well as the Enforcers (All Mountain) which come in a 115, 110, 100, and 93. For the Women, they …


Oakley Prizm technology has been in the works for a little while now and we just got a glimpse at the future of goggle technology. Oakley Prizm React is their newest technology that allows the rider to change the darkness of the lens on the fly. They are clearly living in 3019. Also new to the line is the Harmony Fade …


ON3P's latest lineup is mostly familiar with a few minor tweaks to our favorite skis.

ON3P's latest lineup is mostly familiar with a few minor tweaks to our favorite skis. The Magnus features their biggest park update in years, with a softer and rounder flex profile, as well as tip taper and a more balanced sidecut, it is available in a 102 this year to cater to the individual who wants to rip the entir…

Outdoor Master

OutdoorMaster was founded in 2015 and is run by a group of Chinese and Swedish outdoor enthusiasts with the vision of helping more people get outdoors. Now, going into their third year of operation, they're doing just that. OutdoorMaster creates quality gear and sells it at an affordable price- helping to break the fin…


Pret has returned for the 18-19 season with three new adult helmets- the Refuge X, Cynic AT, and Haven X. Most notably, the Cynic AT, a one-off of their leading Cynic X, is an ultralight, minimalist helmet, without sacrificing on safety. They have continued to integrate their Pret X technology, which includes MIPS, a t…

RMU (Rocky Mountain Underground)

RMU brought back their Apostle, North Shore, and Valhalla (Women's) lines for this season, along with two new skis added to the line. The Perfect North Shore is Ethan Swadburg & Ben Smith's new powder ski, influenced by a surf trip they took down in Baja. The ski has a 110mm waist, and full surf rocker. After signi…


Rossignol's line remains unchanged from last year. In the freestyle category we have the Scratch and Scratch Pro for youth, and the S Series in both men's and women's for freeride. The Black Ops will also be making a return, although they weren't exhibiting it at the convention.


Scott returned with their Scrapper Freeride series.


Sego Skis are handmade in Victor, Idaho nestled just west of the Tetons. They've fine-tuned their line and added a dope looking Tait'R Tot 118 to the line, as well as a narrower 90mm Big Horn.

Tyrolia Bindings

Tyrolia has been around since the 1950s, and they continue to provide a wide range of reliable bindings for every type of skier. Now featuring Multi Boot Standard (MBS) and Grip Walk, there's a binding out there to match your every boot.

Vishnu Skis

The 2018-19 Vishnu Skis Gear Guide And Newschoolers Reviews

For 2018-2019 Vishnu have doubled their ski offering, adding a 106mm version of their popular Wet, the aptly named Wide. We'll be skiing both skis for Roofbox Reviews in the coming months and we're stoked to put them through their paces.


Our 2018-19 Volkl Skis Gear Guide And Reviews

Volkl consolidated their freestyle skis into two lines this season - the Revolts and the Bash. New to the Revolt series is the Revolt 86, a skinnier version of the 95 with the same mellow tip/tail rocker and full/extended sidecut. The Bash series this year is essentially just a renamed and revamped version of the Trans…


Our 2018-19 Zipline Ski Gear Guide And Reviews

Zipline was founded by past World Cup Freestyle skiers and coaches in 2014 shortly after the Sochi Olympics and is now an official supplier of the US Ski Team. They have used their history in tennis and golf product materials in both retail and manufacturing to bring graphite composites to ski gear. The poles are the p…