2018 Sego Ski Gear

Sego Big Horn 106

2018 Skis

Big Horn 96 Review: Click Here Characteristics: Maneuverable, Stable, Low Swing Weight Manufacturer's Description: A big horn sheep scrambling across a craggy Teton face is mountain athletics as designed by nature. Sego’s Big Horn was designed by Peter Wells to help team athlete Tyler Van Martin na…

  • Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187
  • Dimensions: 136 / 106 / 130

Sego Big Horn 96

2018 Skis

Newschoolers Review: The Sego Big Horn 96 is a super-versatile ski. They feel a bit more focused on all-mountain performance, as opposed prioritising jibbing, with a very solid underfoot section. But the softer nose and tail mean they are still pretty playful and butterable. They turn really nicely on hardpack th…

  • Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187
  • Dimensions: 122 / 96 / 118

Sego Gnarwhal

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Maneuverable, Floaty, Fun, Quick Manufacturer's Description: The Gnarwhal is a versatile ski that can handle almost any snow condition, whether you are on the east coast or in Utah. The Gnarwhal generates power from its 4mm of camber and its flat rockered tail, yet the Gnarwhal floats like …

  • Sizes: 157, 165, 171, 176
  • Dimensions: 134 / 98 / 124


2018 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: When Going absolutely H.A.M. (Hard as a Mother) in the park, there’s only one ski you’re going to want and that is the HAMM. As the only full park specific ski offered by Sego, we have put all of the bomber materials that our Big Mountain skis have and put them into a durabl…

  • Sizes: 158, 166, 171, 176, 181
  • Dimensions: 128 / 88 / 118

Sego Sloppy Joe

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Floaty, Playful, Fun Manufacturer's Description: It's snowed 16 inches overnight and you have been working on your butter 3’s in the park, but it is time to slay pow. The only ski to grab is the Sloppy Joe. At 118mm underfoot, the Sloppy Joe can handle it all. With low swing weight an…

  • Sizes: 178, 183, 189
  • Dimensions: 144 / 118 / 140

Sego Tater Tot

2018 Skis

Manufacturer's Description: The Tater Tot is our one-ski quiver for those who want to make the whole mountain a playground. Designed by our very own “Professional Amateur Athlete,” and 100% professional ski builder, Tait Trautman, the Tots are fully symmetrical, and will bring a major dose of balance…

  • Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187
  • Dimensions: 130 / 108 / 130

Sego UP Pro 110

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Solid, Stable, Chargy Manufacturer's Description: Built with extensive input from Lynsey Dyer, the award winning UP Pro delivers floatation and stability in variable snow combined with playful off-edge maneuverability. This is the proven ski for women seeking a soft snow ski that excels all o…

  • Sizes: 159, 167, 174, 179
  • Dimensions: 136 / 110 / 127

Sego Up Pro 92

2018 Skis

Characteristics: Versatile, Poppy, Durable Manufacturer's Description: The 92 is the ultimate ride anytime conditions call for a narrower waisted ski. It is perfect for zipper-lining through mogul fields, lapping the park, weaving through tight trees, or for holding an edge while making turns on firm slopes. …

  • Sizes: 153, 159, 167, 174, 179
  • Dimensions: 118 / 92 / 109