• Oakley Splice 2009

      • Review by Lemuel on Sep 03, 2013 @ 10:06 PM
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        I would give them a 10, but the fact that the frame design actually gives you less visibility than claimed takes a point off. I am very happy with them though. They are much better than crowbars imo, mostly because it isn't 2007 anymore. That being said, they are still not that cool.


        I love these goggles. They never fog up, the lens is amazing. I use HI Persimmon which is by far the best low light lens. I find it far superior to Pink Iridium, and HI Yellow is the only better lens for low light conditions, but as soon as there is a tiny bit of light, they are awful where as HI Persimmon will still do decently. Alot of people veer away from HI Persimmon because they think Persimmon is a shitty lens, when it's not. It's an all around lens. It may not bee cool or hyphy, but the High Intensity coating makes them look a little "cooler" and it is an awesome lens. Many people do not know what they are missing out on.


        The design is great. The goggles are so easy to customize and take apart. I dyed my riggers orange and even the gloss white soaked up the dye. There is a good range of vision all around, but they definitely do not have more downward vision than crowbars. They have less. That area where the lens covers the frame around the nose is all blocked by the frame itself, it actually has less visibility downward.


        The value is great, I got mine all white with HI Persimmon lens for $120, which is really competitive. Plus you are getting a quality product that you know you can trust.


        These goggles fit amazingly. The only goggles that have fit me better were Spy Soldiers, but these are close behind. As always, everyone has a different face structure so it is important to go to a shop and try them on before you buy them. The strap is nice and adjustable so you can be comfortable with them under or over your helmet.


        This is the one part where I am astonished. These goggles can take anything you throw at them. I have hit branches, fallen on my face as hard as possible, and everything else without a single scratch on the lens, tear on any foam, or anything else. I got a cut under my eye from the inside of the frame/ lens, that is how hard I have fallen on my face without any damage to the goggles.

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          Tunnel Vision
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          crystal clear
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