• Spy Optics Apollo 2010

      • Review by Lemuel on Sep 03, 2013 @ 10:03 PM
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        I am giving them a 6.5 (I know its not the the scale, but whatever) for multiple reasons:

        1) The fit. I would strongly advise trying them on at a shop if you are going to be buying for msrp or close to it. They have a strange fit, and there will probably be other goggles that fit better, especially for the price. But if they do fit, I would strongly recommend them.

        2) Switching the goggle lens. I cannot figure it out, you are supposed to turn the "riggers" (they aren't really riggers, they are a 360 system like the wisdoms used to have) and they pull out, and then part of the frame lifts up. I can't figure it out after playing with it for a while.

        3) The little medallions sewn on the strap prevent it from cinching down tight enough for me at least. I also do not like the silicone on the straps, although most goggle brands do this.

        Other than those things, these goggles are boss as fuck. The lens is outstanding, the look of the goggles is so sick, and they perform greatly. If you like goggle sag, these are for you.


        I love them. The only time they have fogged up was when it was pouring rain out and I was hiking a rail jam. The ventilation system is awesome, the lens is amazing. Probably one of the best lens's I have ever used (it's a gold lens, perfect for sunny days). I rock them under my RED trace, and the little strap holders hit the helmet, which is a slight problem but after some time of fiddling around I can get them to fit nicely.


        They are a sick looking goggle. They are like a mix between wisdoms, i/o's, and eg2's. There are no vents in the actual goggle lens, they are all on top of the goggle when there is usually foam. This design is far superior, you never have to worry about foam ripping. Plus the lens almost looks like it is a frameless goggle because it fits so close to the frame.

        The manuel says they have a great lens switching mechanism, but I cannot get it to work. This is the only other major downfall of these goggles. It supposedly makes switching the lens really easy.

        The goggle strap is also very big, and it doesn't cinch down quite enough to fit my head. They are a little looser than preferred, this is mostly because there is some little things sewed on the strap that prevent it from cinching down smaller.


        MSRP is around $180, which is alot for a pair of goggles. I got them for $90, which was a spectacular deal. I'll write more in the overall section regarding buying / value.

        Also, I never see anyone with them, which is pretty cool. It's nice to have something different than everyone else.


        These actually fit very strangely. They don't really fit my face well at all, they are more made for people with large bridges on their nose I would say, because when I wear them they are sagged so much before they touch my nose. I don't believe they make them anymore, which is a shame, but if they re-contoured the nose a little bit they would be a sick goggle that fits a wide variety of people.


        They seem to be really durable so far. I have one tiny scratch on the lens, not sure how it got there but I don't notice it. The frame is very durable, I haven't had any issues, same with the strap. The face foam is some of the best / very durable.

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