• Moment Skis Night Train 2009

      • Review by Jarle on Dec 31, 1969 @ 7:00 PM
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        read above


        read above


        Kinda sucky finish on the topsheets but neonwolves with 3dglasses are cool


        fair pricing




        66 kg (145 pounds), 170 cm (5.6 feet), ski some comps, ski centered,
        like to try jibby stuff sometimes, live in Revelstoke this season, blah
        blah blah blah...

        somewhat similar skis I've tried: Salomon Czar 182, Head Jimi 181 (last
        year, before removed metal), Fat-ypus I-rock 186, Fat-ypus Alotta 180,
        Hendryx Funkalistic 172, Hendryx Purple Haze 172 (with similar, I mean
        playfull soft snow/allround skis)

        Ze skis

        181cm: 140-123-135, 24.9m turn radius, mounted on the line

        First Impressions:
        Bases were super-dry, as in all white and I was very suspicious about
        how the tip and tail would hold up. Skis are a lot stiffer than I
        expected, tapered sections flex medium with the tail flexing a little
        softer than the tip and most of the ski is actually pretty stiff. Much
        stiffer than bc-jibbsticks usually are.

        Woke up to a HUGE dump the morning after I got them and didn't know
        what to expect. They skied like a dream, felt like home on them right
        away, just clicked in and the next thing i knew I was throwing
        3's/hand-drags of pillows and stomping drops like I had skied them for
        a couple of weeks. Good float riding both forward and switch. Felt
        comfortable with skiing fast trough trees and without hesitation taking
        of cliffs with the same speed since it's really easy to dump speed on
        them or just point them elsewhere.
        Ok, so for the conditions and the usage they are designed for it's
        really good but Moment says it will kill it more or less anywhere,

        Since that supermegaawesome day in (early) january we haven't really had any real snowfalls so they have been tested properly.

        In bounds supertrackedoutbulletproofmanhighmoguls:
        Ok, there are few skis that makes this kind of skiing fun, this isn't
        one of them, but they perform ok. There is some chatter but due to the
        low-profile rocker they ski a lot better in these conditions then most
        other fullrockerhightechfatskis. I grab my NT's without hesitation even
        in these conditions.

        Mixed shitsnow:
        Now try a pair and tell me this isn't cheating, set an edge and smile.
        I'm pretty amazed how such a light ski can be this damp and stable even
        though it's super playfull and makes me spin in all directions and
        making hand-drags all over the place.

        Mixed soft snow, aka good snow:
        Holy cow, they slay it! Go fast, go jibby, go huge blah blah blah. Think it, do it.

        Some of this goes for in bounds supertrackedoutbulletproofmanhighmoguls
        aswell. They do this really good, but beware! Ski them centered or you
        will get your ass kicked, if you attack your tips too hard you will
        engage the tapered section and the skis goes the other way you are. Ski
        them centered and they hold an edge like crazy and thanks to the width
        you don't have to worry about booting out like on your skinny
        Making turns ldeep enough to get both handss and elbows in the snow isn't any problems

        Really good in the air but they are too stiff for me to really do anything buttery.

        All in all:
        They deliver, stay centered with a good technique and you will be
        rewarded with a great allround ski. My only real concern is that the
        camber (flat part under foot) is kind of starting to give up on me and
        both the tip and tail-rocker is starting to get under my bindings.

        If this was my work of art I would change a couple of things:

        I would make the flex more even from tip/tail to under foot with at
        little softer tip to make them a tad jibbier (I'm not a jibber but I
        think this would make a great ski a little better).

        The tip/tail is really upturned and I think it will get a little more floatation with an EHP-ish tip/tail.

        With a different shaped tip/tail they would probably need another shape on the ends (not the "cut off" one).

        Make them with a little camber, as some of you others have, to prevent the rocker from going under foot.

        These are just a couple of things I've been thinking of, maybe it would
        make them better, maybe it would make them worse, I'm no ski-builder
        but I do like to compare and think about designs.

        Sorry for any bad spelling or grammar



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