• Capix Wake/Skate Cap 2007

      • Review by mmallender. on Aug 29, 2013 @ 5:52 PM
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        My review is directed at the Wakecap, however, the same can be applied to the skate cap, as it is the same shell, and basically same helmet, with a very small increase in protection. With that said, I would only rate this helmet a 5/10 because as good as it looks/feels, the Wakecap is definetly not a helmet that should be used for skiing/snowboarding, it is a wakeboard helmet with a very small ammount of padding, since there arent very many places that your head will impact when you fall when you are wakeboarding. This helmet is strictly for looks, and to have a little more than no protection at all, with emphasis on little.


        The main reason i bought this helmet was for wakeboarding, so from a wakeboarding perspective, this helmet performed extremely well. It can be worn forwards or backwards (though i would only ever wear it forwards when skiing, you look a little foolish wearing it backwards with goggles on). I fortunately never had to find out how effective the impact protection was, as I only ever fell a few times, and got alittle whiplash, but saved myself from a few headaches from the water. While skiing, i never made any hard impacts with any rails, or any hard impacts with the snow/ice/etc, i did fall a few times, and maybe took one or two tree branches to the head/face while riding through trees, and from that I can say it will protect you from very light impacts, however, and I stress this, I would not trust this helmet to save myself from a hard fall.


        The Wakecap has a very nice design, it looks sick, feels good on your head, is extremely light, and doesnt move around much when youre riding. The brim has been angled so the wind does not catch under it unless you are looking up, as well as keeps the sun out of your eyes if you are not wearing goggles, or if you dont have any heavy mirrored lenses in.


        For the $35 dollars I paid for it, I would definetly say I got my moneys worth, I use it mostly for wakeboarding where hard impact protection is not necessary, along with being able to cross over and use it skiing when I dont feel like wearing a biger heavier helmet, but still want at least some protection just in case. If you have the oppertunity to buy one, I would say go for it, they are very hard to come by, especially in the L/XL sizes.


        The Capix wakecap fits very big, the L/XL says it fits 56-60cm, when it fits much closer to a maximum size of about 62cm. It comes with two sets of pads, one thicker than the other, but not by much, the difference in thickness is about 2mm.


        I thankfully never had to test out how durable/safe this helmet is, with that said, I would not trust this helmet to save my life in the event of a hard fall, this helmet is much more of a fashion statement/ light alternative/ better than no helmet at all kind of thing. I did take it to the OWC in Florida in my backpack, so it was banged around quite a bit, and I also used it a few times up the mountain and rode through trees and even took a few small branches to the head, with that said, there are only one or two light scratches.

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