Bird NB shack

published May 2020 - 630 views

Gonna work on this one during the summer. For now I was thinking:

a: try to make a more snow proof roof and walls. Add thick logs/branches for structural support, maybe add foliage/smaller branches to fill any holes. Tie/weave these in for a longer lasting effect.

b: build a triangle shaped hinged door to seal off the entrance. Will prevent the entrance from completely filling in during large storms/times of low use. And it’s easier to move snow that is piled up right in front of the entrance instead of down on the inside of the shack. Plus, more hotbox-able with it being sealed off. If I could build a door like that with mostly clear glass too, that’d be optimal. At least let a lil light in and give some character to the place.

c: is being completely sealed off a bad thing? I was thinking of putting in a permanent little smoke stack/exit port attached to one of the small trees on the uphill side of the roof. One from a smoker or an old barbecue grill. Just something to allow for a little air flow while vacant but also sealable while tokin. Also again, would give the shack some character.

d: Ramps, rails, and jibs on the way down/way out of the shack (like Gnarnia at Breck) No experience building these although I’d be down to try.

Any suggestions? Anyone wanna help? Hmu


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