Just finished building my first ski, the McWhip 192

published Oct 2019 - 9,367 views

Built this ski with a local company called Primal Skis, they were stoked enough on my idea to help me out and fund the project for me. 192cm long, 27m radius, 112mm underfoot, 350mm early rise in the tip and 275mm in the tail, 4mm camber underfoot, bamboo core and sidewalls, built with kevlar basalt and carbon fiber layers surrounding the core as well as titanal embedded in the core. Built for high speeds in soft snow, the McWhip is stiff through the tip and tail, and even stiffer underfoot. The core extends almost completely through the tip, with polyaxial carbon/basalt stringers giving it extreme torsional stiffness through the tips, and a single biaxial stringer through the tail, it is still soft enough to butter and play with. The whip was the first invention to break the speed of sound, and since these skis are meant for hauling ass, I thought it was a good name for them. Cant wait to try these bad motherfuckers out.
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