Ghost Town.

published Jun 2016 - 678 views

Best From the Photo Annual (Skiing Magazine)
Ghost Town
After noticing that the gates were left open to this deserted Estonian hotel, local skier Timo Jeeger hatched a plan. He called up photographer Roman Neimann, and by the time Neimann arrived the next day, Jeeger had already built a kicker and gathered the snow for an inrun. ?The main problem was that we had a lack of snow and it was melting fast,? says Neimann. Racing the clock, Neimann snapped this shot of Jeeger on one of his first attempts.
Photographer: Roman Neimann
Location: Viljandi, Estonia
Skier: Timo Jeeger

Credit: Roman"vanaisa"Neimann

Skier: Timo Jeeger

Location: Viljandi.Estonia.



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