Minnesota Post-Season

published Apr 2014 - 1,027 views

Story: Somehow I got the idea in my head that I should hit a handrail after most of the snow had melted. There was pretty much no snow left in the entire city except for a high school parking lot about 8 miles away from the spots. I got in my pickup truck, filled the entire bed with snow from the lot while getting many stares, and headed to the spot. I was just me and a friend because everyone else was busy. After we laid out all the snow and set up the camera, we ran into a speed problem- my friend could pull the bungee far enough back (actually nutted hard because I didn't have enough speed to commit). Luckily a dad who took his kids to the park was hyped on what we were doing and wanted to help out, he pulled it back more than enough and got it for him first try.

Credit: petersherno



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