Special ops, paintball, sniper ghillie suit

published Apr 2011 - 450 views

The new lightweight synthetics make this Paintball Ghillie jacket and pants set a pleasure to wear. It is so light you will feel as though you are in your casual everyday clothes..

Unlike the old jute suits, these synthetic suits are waterproof, rot-proof, and mildew resistant. They are also fire-retardant, washable, odorless, and non-allergenic.

As if that's not enough this suit has a really comfortable inner lining that feels smooth to your skin. The nylon netting on the outside allows you to "veg out" your suit to more closely blend with your surroundings

Cord locks and drawstings close this suit up to keep out the "creepy-crawlys". The jacket has a zipper covered by a velcro flap. The pants have elastic in the waist and something hardly ever seen on a Ghillie Suit: Belt Loops!

available in Mossy or Woodland(All season) and in sizes medium-waist 28" to 36" Large-waist 32" to 42"

XLG-waist 36" to 50"


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