Bluehouse Lady Blue

published Oct 2010 - 883 views

Once upon a time, skis were just skis in a 'unisex' world. Then along came Bluehouse, rescuing us from male-domination and wicked step-mothers alike, introducing the women's-specific Lady Blue. Say goodbye to being just another one of the dudes. With the new Lady Blue you can finally be treated like girls ought to be. Stand out in style with a ski that was made for a girl, and will keep the boys in pursuit. The Lady Blue is light enough yet aggressive enough to go anywhere and do everything. With a medium-stiff flex, they can handle any conditions the mountain may throw at you, providing stability even in rough conditions. The Lady Blue is fast, light, fun, and for a fat ski, loves to carve. But after a storm, be prepared to feel like a princess in the powder.

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