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So a lot of people have been asking for help with the rail so heres all the directions u need....

ok well u want to start with the frame, the frame is 1 15ft 4x6 on the top were the rails lie and also 1 15ft 4x6 on the base parelel to the top board, then u get about 5 small blocks of 2x4 about 4 or 6 inches long to go inbetween those to boards to hold them apart as u can see in the picture, then take about 4 2x4 about 2 1/2ft long to lay on the bottom for supports, this part can really just be a estimation cause it doesnt affect the desing if its to long or to short, so thats the frame, next is the pvc pipes, go buy 3 10ft pvc pipes and cut 1 of them in half, they can be whatever diameter u wish I prefer 1.5 inch pipes, then this is the hard part u have 2 options, u can use u-bolts or just a normal bolt, i used a normal botl cause u-bolts are a bitch, so take the pipe and put a hole in the top of the rail, yes the top of the rail trust me, this way u cant fit the bolt through the hole and then drill through the bottom of the pipe and the 4x6 and attach it, do this in three spots on the ten footers and 2 spots on the 5 footers so in total u will have to do it 10 times, this is of course if ur making a 15ft rail like mine, what u do with the 2 5 footers is after u put the 2 10 footers on is put the 5 footers behind them so the rail continues, your also gonna want to put a little bit of a gap in between the pipes for a wider rail and its easier to work with, yes there will be holes in your rail, yes there will be a crease, yes there will be a gap, but dont freak out! Once ur done with the rail just go over the crease and the holes with sand paper and once u start skiing on the rail it basicaly isn't even there....

So thats about it if you have any questions just ask me or join the Build-a-jib 101 cult....

Your Welcome, FREEskiLINE



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