Broken Radius/ Ulna

published Jan 2009 - 1,565 views

Left Arm with broken Radius and Ulna on 12/7. My elbow is upper left and my fingers are at the bottom of the image. I got hurt doing Bio 5's in the terrain park. Went too big and spun off axis and overshot the landing. I double ejected, found my skis and poles and put them back on and skied down with a compound fracture. The nearest hospital is an hour and a half away from Telluride. I did not let them cut any of my shirts at the medical center, even my base layer was taken off. "Gimme Morphine!" I was in surgery for over two hours. The result is two stainless steel plates with 12 screws and lots of staples to fix it. This was a fierce breaking of bones and hurt ALOT. I have a scar from my wrist to my elbow from the surgery...But I'm ok and no regrets. Life is short, go big or go home...

Credit: The Telluride Medical Center

Skier: Me in Pain

Location: The Telluride Medical Center



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