New Super Pipe Dirt work that will accept a 22ft pipe

published Sep 2008 - 958 views

This is the new dirt work at Otsego it will accept the 22ft pipe when we are ready for it and give them the Standard 18ft Super Pipe perfect Standard Olympic Competition length with an absolutely perfect pitch what they had last year was only a drop from what they will have this year in the way of Pipe, Rails and Jumps

and YA the one jump you saw was the front side beginner jump that was the only jump public was aloud to hit last year the backside had three other jump and this year they intend to have 2-3 times the features and Jumps effectively they are going to litter the entire mountain with Jumps of all sizes

basically the price of admittance from what I gather is a seasons pass no day tickets unless you know a friend who has the seasons pass

this dirt work will work perfect and is better than the dirt work I built for Park Cities Olympic Pipe which I continue to build each year

they may not have length in runs but they definitely will have a ton of variety to make up for the short runs but aren't all the "hills" in the midwest or east coast for that matter short

at least they are not several miles long of trails like were I live and ride from like the 3300 vertical feet up at Snowbird in Utah

but if its terrain park you want you got it at Otsego

don't bitch anymore just ride it

trust me going into my 25 year of riding I have seen it all and you really don't have to go anywhere else to get a better terrain park especially since there are ZERO lines



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