Poop shaper pills

published Mar 2008 - 1,247 views

Marketing idea - I sell on ebay if you are intrested, they work ok (not perfectly, but surprisingly well)
Are you tired of having normal, boring shaped poops? Do you ever wish you could be more extraordinary and different with your bowel movements? Don't you hate having poops that are shaped so unattractively, like stretched out, lumpy potatoes? Well, now you can finally get your poops in shape! Just take one Instant Poop-Shaper® pill and you can have poops shaped however you please! The Instant Poop-Shaper® pills come in a huge variety of shapes, including stars, hearts, and even Jesus-shaped poops (or Mohammed if you're Muslim)! Now is your chance to impress your friends, so don't miss it! You may never want to flush the toilet again! Take control of your life; take control of your poops!©

Credit: me

Skier: make your poops into jesus

Location: i hope this doesnt offend jesus lovers



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