My dead backyard...

published Jan 2008 - 1,020 views

This is the final sequence to the complete death of my backyard. if you go to my pics you can see a before, after (yesterday), and this (today. this is all the result of ny's gayest january on record. it was ONLY 52 today, but the squall lines of blinding rains that blew through this morning really finished the job. yesterday toga had a record setting temp of 65 yesterday. our average high for today is 29. but seriously take a look at my pics and you can see what two days can do to a good winter. start at "my new backyard" then proceed to "my dying backyard" and finally end up on "my dead backyard" it is quite graphic so viewer discresion is advised.

Credit: me

Skier: he quit

Location: my now dead backyard



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