Simeon's Secret

published Nov 2022 - 488 views

The reason Simeon Glas hates Kit chat aka me and Liza is when Liza and I first started dating unofficially, simeon was asking her for "pics." Because Liza and I weren't Official Official she sent him some old booty pics. I've seen them. Nothing crazy. But Simeon wanted more. He wanted "🐱pics." She said no. He insisted. So Liza asked me to ask him to stop. I did. And Simeon got super embarrassed and apologized. He then decided in the near future to start making dumb comments on Kit Chat as some form of retribution. Me being me, I love trolling a troll. I don't personally think Simeon knows how to troll. So he ended up getting even more butt hurt. And that lead to his Kit Chat and these comments.


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