Bogner Onsie 2013 Photo (click info)

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This is a very old Bogner. Oldest one I have estamate would be early 1970's at best.

Below is a bit confusing because there was a Senior, and a Junior! And the Senior was a Junior!

Wilhelm Hermann Björn Bogner Jr. (born 23 January 1942) is a German fashion designer, film maker and former alpine ski racer. He inherited the Bogner clothing brand, originally set up as Willy-Bogner-Skivertrieb by his father, Willy Bogner Sr., and expanded through the efforts of his mother, Maria, who is credited with the introduction of stretch pants to the ski fashion world.

Bogner's success as a skier allowed him and his wife, Maria, to
establish a clothing line in 1932, that included outfitting the German
national ski team at the 1936 Winter Olympics.[2] Following his stay as a POW during World War II,
Bogner Sr. returned to their business in 1947. His wife's development
of stretch pants in the early 1950s led to their adoption by such
celebrities as Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and Ingrid Bergman and contributed to the prosperity of the firm.[4]

Bogner launched his first sports apparel collection, Formula W in 1971. He established an American manufacturing plant in Newport, Vermont in 1973 and debuted a tennis fashion line in 1974. His company introduced a golf fashion line in 1976. When his father died in 1977, Bogner returned to Munich from America to assume control of the company.[15] In 1983, the company introduced a line of sunglasses.[16]
As of 2018, his company showed a decline in sales, having lost its
82-year franchise to outfit the German Winter Olympic squad to Adidas for the 2018 Winter Olympics, and amid suggestions that the company under his leadership had lost its advantages over its competitors.[15]

Credit: Jody Helgerson AKA Mermaid Jody

Skier: Dominator Jacques

Location: Mt Bachelor

North America


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