There is a New flash zune that comes in 4 GB($149) and 8GB($199)  They come in a bunch of colors including red, olive green, and pink.

Fm Radio

Also some of you might know the new Zune has been annoucned.  It is simply called the Zune80 becasue of the 80GB of storage for $250.  This new hard drive zune  had a new touch pad that included clicking, scrolling and swiping.  It is very cool.  Check out some video on other web sites.



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     Some of you might be thinking..."That sucks, i dont want to spend more money on another zune.  im broke as it is"  Well there is great news for all of you including me.  They are realsing a firmware 2.1 when the new zunes come out.  It will inclued everything the new zunes have which is great.  One key thing about the new firmware is wireless syncing which means you dont have to plug it into your computer  for it to add new songs, movies, photos, and poscats!  Just like the itunes music store there will be new podcasts all the time. Â


    Overall the new zunes are bringing it a step forward and we can only really see what happens when they are on the market.  Thanks for listening.  Post what ever you like in the forums, they have been a bit quiet lately but this might bring some talk.