wot up peeps?

been totally holing every run ova here. ok yar tru not much sno yet but no reson u cant send it off shi*t, who cares if mom says no?? lol its totally "shutup u dont gno woman!" lol amirite>?

sold my suspects got a sik brand new pair of liberty ONES, bearly used bra. jsut gotta take out the right hand edges and it will flote like a bunch on muthafu*ckas, carve down sum trees lines two rite???

ok wanna tell yall bout this cliff i dropped the other day, SO sik!! easily 20" ok prolly more like 50" waaaat?? unless u wanna walk strait up and count da feet yo. anyway bras my mate robin johnston was all lke" dude u can't drop that, way two big" standin at the top like a dir-brain ya feel'? lol ya so i was all lkike "f*ck u bra ima send it like a bada*ss" gave him a pat on da butt before i huked it.

bro was cra*pping balls rite? coudnt beleive i stomped it

killin whistler peeps, whose around? cum shred wit me, lol u gno wat its like r.johnston can suck my D*CK and go ski wit my mom whose wit me???

anyway l8r dudes cant hang on a POW day u gno it!!!

park hear i cum