Well, I was going to write a blog about suburban sprawl, but that little voice inside my head started up again, and it told me that none of you care, and those that care, already know, and don't care. so noone cares.

so now I'm left with a delema. Do I write the blog anyways and have noone care, or do I write some bullshit blog that people will like to read, but not have any smarts to it?

I will write both - If you want to know my thoughts on suburban sprawl go read the other blog, if you want to read random stuff, read this one.

What is brown and sticky?

A stick.

So I was in this alley behind the bar fuckin' this chick. I mean I'm railing on her, and she's just screaming right. So I say to her "listen bitch, you best stop that screaming or I'm going to turn this rape into a murder!".

Nah, seriously though - I've never murdered anyone.

What does Micheal Jackson and a tortous have in common?

They're both trying to get there before the hair.

How does Micheal Jackson know it's fun time?

When the little hand touches the big hand.

What's the difference between a pile of dead babies and a Fararri?

I don't have a Fararri in my garage.

If you have money and want to start up a company here are some investment ideas that I believe will be successful:

1. Open up a convenience store/laundromate/photo development place in upper Rossland.

2. Start up a taxi company in Trail (with more than one cab)

3. Open up a bakery or deli or something where food can be purchased by the Long Harbour ferry terminal on Saltspring Island.

Never complain about where you live, because you can always move.

Ski for yourself. If you don't get into the industry it doesn't mean you have to quit. There's a reason why you started skiing in the first place.

Don't get divorced - it'll be the most expensive thing that you will ever do.

I'm going to go now... I'm sorry for this.