well, after the weather event that took place here over the past few days I think it's safe to say that the winter season in the west kootenay's is over. This has been the wierdest winter internationally in my memory. The winter started off normally here, with snow every few days, decent temperatures, and a fast aproach to the ski hill opening up. But as most of you on the east coast still remember - you guys were getting nothing and continued to get nothing till sometime in early to mid January. That was around the same time it stopped snowing here in BC. After a normal month of December we were all looking forward to the typical snow storms that drop the light fluffy stuff we expect here in the Kootenay's, which never eneded up comming. We had a month and a half of drought with quickly deteriorating skiing conditions.

Near the end of February we recieved a snowstorm of epic proportions (see my last blog). 6 days of snowfall which translates into 6 full on powder days - each being deeper then the last. The week worked out to almost two meters of fresh by the last day - it was the deepest snow I have ever experienced. Truly hero.

Somehow in only a week or so everything "has come crashing down around us" (quote from the CAA) two days ago a heavy precip came with a fast warm front from the south bringing with it heavy rains with a hot southerly wind. With only two weeks left in the scheduled ski season and our base dissapearing infront of our eyes, it's looking like there won't be any more powder to ski this winter.

During Easter weekend I am leaving to Vancouver to hang out in the city with friends, go to my gf's cabin, and get ready for treeplanting this summer. I am hoping that the trend from the past few years holds true and the North Coast/Whistler gets snow in April so that this season isn't completely lost.

As for the rest of the season here - time to start snowboarding and doing more drugs. or less drugs. who knows.

oh, and doug - i bought a mars bar for you and was thinking about the best way to mail it out to you, but then i got stoned and ate it. opps. i'll buy another one and try again.