yesterday was pretty fun. woke up at 7:06. got up and drove to SSP, where I met joshy and seth. then we started our 4 hour trip to stowe, VT. well, us being the amazing people that we are, managed to make it up around sunapee, nh until we got pulled over (we were going around 85-90 the whole way up untill then). sick! it wasnt even like the cop came out of the median and pulled us over...the cop fucking owned us. he was about half a mile down the road, car already pulled over, and he must've used a laser or something, because we saw him, hit the brakes, and he came out of his car and waved us down. he was nice about it, but poor joshy still got a $250 ticket. thats a bummer. so the rest of the ride we kind of mellowed out. but still managed to get to stowe at about 1130. so we got there, and I was super lazy and didn't feel like hiking so, i decided to just take some pictures. now that I think about this, I do wish I had skied, but the miserableness of having to carry my skis up to the session, then hike all day, would've just made me be unhappy the rest of the day. plus, kids were snaking eachother a lot and being kind of crazy. I was content taking pictures and hanging out. so, the jam went on till I donno, 1/ 130? saw soem dope stuff. a boy on teles (who I know is on ns) was trying swichups on the up down box. props. girls were killin it. a girl with missys and curly blonde hair specifically was killin it. I don't know who she is but props girl. ahh I donno lots of people killed it. so props.

after the jam we walked down to the car and the boys changed because they were muddy and gross. then mary, seth's friend, invited us to a bbq in burlington. so we decided we would go. we drove down to darkside first to check out that bbq. about 5 kids were there. siick. we left and headded to burlington. got to burlington and walked around for a few hours. went to a few camera stores so josh could be a camera nerd, went to some record stores, and this sick store called Steez. then at about 5 we went to the bbq. there was a mini ramp setup in the back yard. it was mellow and fun. left there around 7 and cruised home. I got home at about 12. fun day. weeeeeeee. now today I think I am gonna go out on someones boat or go to the beach or go hang by the pool. yay!