I feel like I've been really busy lately, but then at the same time, I get bored a lot. I donno it's a weird combo. anyway, at 2 this morning I got home from Colorado. I'm gonna rewind to last sunday to tell my story.

sunday. it was one of my best friend's/my drinking buddy's birthday. certanly a cause for celebration. I got her a bottle of smirnoff for a present. I was planning on DDing that night, because I was flying the next day, but being her drinking buddy and the good friend I am, I gave in to temptation and joined her and everyone else in some delicious raspberry vodka. yum. was a dope night, except my boy was being a dick to me the whole time. I understand that he doesn't drink, and I respect that, but please don't rain on my parade. so went home, drank a ton of water, did some last minute packing, then went to bed. I'm in bed, and my phone starts vibrating. greeat; a text from the boy. he says he wants to talk so I text back hi. things go on, and he proceedes to tell me things I already know; how he doesn't like to drink, doesn't like it when I drink; and all that stuff. So the whole time, I'm like okay cool we're breaking up. and the night ends being like 'go to colorado, we'll talk when you get home.' well that doesn't work for me. I like answers. I fall asleep


wake up. oh crap. I feel like shit. get out of bed, shower, get out of shower, throw up. ahhh I have to get on a plane in 3 hours! I finish getting ready and head downstairs where I proceed to tell my parents that I am sick from one of the kids I babysit for (I can't tell them I'm hungover, that wouldn't go over too well). my mom freaks out, saying we should stay home and yada yada. I'm like nooo way, we're going, there's no way I'm not going. anyways, I grab a bucket and a soda and get in the car. we drive up quincy to catch the ferry to the airport, because the tunnel collasped (gotta love it). get on the ferry and it's mad crowded. shitty. I continue feeling sick. get off the ferry, and walk around the dock area knowing I'm gonna puke very soon. we have to get on a bus to go to the airport, and I can't handle that right away. I sit on a bench for five minutes, then get up and walk towards the bus, but then take a side step into some bushes and boot. so gross. it was probably the highlight of my day. well, get on the bus, get in the airport, and i'm miserable the whole time. get to the gate like two hours early. go and sit there and text the boy and some friends. boy is continuing to be a dick, so by this point i'm starting to think a breakup is in store. get tired of texting after 5 minutes, then fall asleep. get on plane. 4 hours later land in Denver. mile high city. the airport looks like a couple circus tents. I was expecting scenery like SLC, where you land and there are mountians all over the place. well, you land in the middle of no where and it's really flat. a lot different than expected. anyway...yada yada, go to hotel, get some dinner and chill in the hotel room. well, get another texty from the boy. he's really annoying me by this point. so I'm finally like fuck this and tell him I dont want to be him anymore. he texts back the obvious, he agrees and is glad it's a mutual breakup. we agree to be friends.


wake up. tour university of denver. don't like it that much, kind of dissapointed. get some lunch. decide to drive into the mountians a little. my mom and I get as far as Idaho Springs. abour 30 miles out of denver and 7500 feet up there. coming from sea level, I felt sick being that high that soon. we walk around the little mining town (it was where the gold rush began, apperently), then eventually head home.


drive to boulder! its a nice drive. shorter than expected. the flat irons are gorgeous. they're reason enough for me to want to live there; to wake up every morning and see those and be like fuck yeah i'm living at the edge of the rocky mountians. walk around boulder for the morning. get a t-shirt because I'm a tourist. then head over to CU Boulder and take the tour. I make friends with the tour guide, and he tells me about all the surrounding mountians and the ski/board club. there's a few cute boys in the tour group and around campus. I like CU even though it's big. It's on my list of dope schools I want to go to.


go into the mountians. first stop: frisco. cute little town I had never heard of before. then we go to Breck. I looooove breck. if I love it that much in the summer, I bet it's epic in the winter. met a cute boy who works in a t-shirt store out there. he was cool and said 'epic' and 'sick' a lot. then we drive to vail. it's a lot different than breck, but still pretty cool. it starts storming after we're there for about 45min. thundering and lighting and everything. blaah. kind of sucked but it was still cool being there. eventually made our way back to denver.


pack up. head into denver for the better part of the day. walk around 16th street mall. get lunch. get super tired of walking around, so my mom and I sat in barnes & nobles for an hour just wasting time. chilling, eating, reading magazines. it wasn't that bad. went to the circus tent airport. got home at 2AM this morning (saturday). this morning, woke up at 6:15 from a sound sleep to go babysit. as if it didnt suck already waking up at that time to go hang out with a 2 year old, apperently I didn't even have to go. my phone was turned off so I never got the memo that the mom was sick and wasn't going to work. I went over and they were all 'oh, well you didn't get the message, but actually if you can stay here, that'd be great.' so the dad went to work, and the mom went to the doctor. from 7-12 I sat around half awake letting the kid do whatever he wanted. made $60 which wasn't half bad though. tomrrow I'm going up to Lake winnepesaukee for the day. sick.

whewwwwwww that's my story.