i had a dream that i was taken away to this like summer ski camp for orphans with superpowers. and there were these dumbass kids who were playing with a palletjack handcart nd they were like goin off the ski jumps in this mad sic terrain park, nd then the handcart got stuck on the top of this one jump, nd so i skiied up to the handcart, nd did a side flip off it onto a rail that was next to it goin up the mountain, nd steezily rode it all the way up the mountain. when i reached the top, we went into this like ski lodge thing but it was a closet in a big factory, and there were these shoeboxes filled with mexican food all stacked up, and i opened one up, and my bunny was sitting in it covered with mexican dip. and i was like all happy and was like "i love you Elmo (my bunnys name)" and then i woke up.