I don't know how many of you have had a shit job yet, many of you are probably just about to get one for the first time for this summer. My first job was at 7-11, i worked the mornings 6am - 3pm, 7 am was a late start, 8 am was a sleep-in day. This is relevant because after a two summers of getting up that early, one begins to get up that early every day.

maybe you'd like to not be waken up by the angry yells of your alarm clock, but other times it sucks to wake up thinking you had a great sleep only to find out it's 6:30am on a saturday morning and no one else is awake, most of the drunk people who stayed up all night are just now making their ways back to their beds, and you have nothing to do.

here is what happend to me:

yah yah only 2 shots whatever i did manage to get my self a new holga camera, straight from Hong Kong, $20 off e-bay.

prints coming in tomorrow afternoon, hopefully i'll have something interesting to post then