Yesteday, Keystone played host to Boulder Freeride's ride the mountain day. We all met at the top of the gondola at 12, and then took a couple of shreddy laps.

However, soon after that, i realized what kind of shit was going down in the stunt park. As a result, i daftly maneuvered in order to gain a shot of what was happening - and lo and behold, i spotted a ginger!

Matt "day" Walker on the top table

but of course, he wasn't the only person in the park, and i was just lookin to shoot some pics, and ended up with a picture that was one of my favorites of the day, without knowing who it is!

mystery skier

i also came across fellow skier nevill wilder, and got this slightly unfocused shot of him, which still looks cool as long as your not looking at it at its full size =)

anyway, besides me almost killing myself on my first run and calling it a day of park skiing becuase of that, there werent really that many other highlights..

oh wait, yeah there were. Tj Schiller, Peter Olenick, Michael Olenick, Andrew Still-Baxter, Andrew Wickes, and Simon Dumont were present (among others who's name i either didnt know or didnt recognize who they were...). Highlight from that group for the day was dumont throwing a double front on the last kicker with possibly a screamin seamen thrown in....but i didnt get the shot =(

here's some more pics for your visual enjoyment.

stillbaxter with some double grabbage

i was pretty stoked to get a picture of jon olsson to say the least: i'd never really thought i'd get the chance since he didnt really do the glacier scene...but i forgot about hte whole colorado thing, and now im happy.

unknown rider who threw down all day long