so right now im chillin with the fam in a nice house/condo thing we rented. my family really likes computers. we are all in the same living room area just clicking and typing away on our own respective computers.

anyway i was just thinking about how people like their cerials with such different amounts of milk. i know this one kid who used to eat his cereal dry with a glass of milk. i dunno if he still does that but i just asked him on facebook. and then my friend likes his cereal with waaaay less milk than i do. i like my cereal with enough milk so that there is a good amount left when im done to drink.

anyway im just thinking about how much i love all my friends. it sounds kinda retarded and phony but its true. most of them are hilarious in different ways. like take my one good friend. we were at a hockey game the other day and he was shouting really really loud for this one kid on our team who im pretty sure he doesn't know. i don't know the kid either but im pretty sure hes a huge prick. well i found it absolutely hilarious. i was almost dying from lack of oxygen and yet noone else seemed to think it was funny. i opened my eyes from lauging and i just see a bunch of my semi friends looking at me. this happens to me frequently.

one of my other friends. we were skiing the other day, i believe it was thursday, the whole crew, and he says something kinda mean to me. i don't remember what but i remember being kinda annoyed and slightly angry with him right after he said it. if someone were watching me as a sim person while playing the sims then they would have seen those negative signs that show when a sim dislikes another sim. but then he did this thing where he looked and me and then when i looked at him he looked away immidiately and then i look away and he looks at me again. this is one of his age old tricks to annoy people but it was hilarious that time. and i know he meant it to be hilarious. and it worked because it made me laugh really hard and totally redeemed him. back the the sim analogy, plus signs would have appeared above my head for him.

well a little bit before the hockey game i was telling you about i was driving around with another one of my friends the other day. we had just burned a lil chronja and its amazing how much more polite we got with each other. i mean its not like we were rude by any means before but we were just so nice and polite to each other. and not polite like pushover polite but polite like "i really mean it" polite. this might be a bad example but we had just ordered from mcdonalds (i felt kinda guilty buying from there) but anyway we were munching down on our food (he bought it for me because i had no money) and i had some ketchup packets and he was like "could you pass the ketchup" or something like that and i did and then when he thanked me, i could tell he ment it. i could tell that he REALLY MENT IT. dumb story but w/e

facebook is addicting. it sucks because it is so uneventful and lame and yet i am still drawn to it. its the epitome oh what holden caufield would consider phoney. seriously every once in a while i will be serfing facebook and come across something so damn phoney it makes me a little sick/sad. at the same time its kinda funny. i feel like the main purpose of posting on someones was is to have other people read it. otherwise you would tell them in person or message them. i still do it though, i guess im just a hypocrit, like thomas jefferson. its like you see pictures of parties. and there is just picture after picture after picture and there has to be alteast three in a row that are taken consecutivlely so we can see each minute movement that the subjects make in the halfsecond between them. but what really made me laugh is i was looking through pictures and then then there are like 6 pictures in a row of the same girl (she happens to be the person who posted the pictures on facebook) and all the pictures are of her with her arm around a different guy. they could almost be the exact same picture 7 times in a row.