“Gapers Gone Wild proudly presents the trailer for our first short film, ‘Something Like That’.

We are not making this video for sponsors, or for anybody but ourselves. This is so we can remember the amazing times we had together through the sport of skiing, and to try to give non-freeskiers a different representation of the sport that they can relate to.”

Filmed in Ottawa, Quebec, and Whistler

Main filmers are Liam Upton, Nick Reid Gorjup, Will Blackwell and Stephen Armstrong

Edited by Austin de Ste Croix


Brian Kirsipuu

Austin de Croix

Liam Upton

Jessy Desjardins

Kevin Desjardins

Josh Harris

Phil Clairoux

Sam Clairoux

Sean Mcelligott

Jeremy Acland

Justin St-Laurent

Carlo Mion

Gabriel Rene Speirs

Isaak Goldengooch

Nick Reid Gorjup

John Nadeau

David Johns

Brendan Reid

Brennan Gould

Mackenzie Leroux

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