So it's November now. the 8th to be exact. It's been since September 15th that I've actually done anything constructive... I've just been wasting time since then waiting for winter to show itself. For the halloween weekend I went over to Tofino for a good old surfing trip with the dock staff of the fishing lodge I was working at in September. In the three days that we were in Tofino I didn't go in the water once. It's not that I don't like surfing, or the water... it's just that when it's like, barely above 0 on land, I just don't really feel like getting wet. ya know? The weekend was still a good time though, did some exploring, played on the beach, got some drinking and firework fun in. I arrived back in Vancouver in time for Halloween (which also happens to be my birthday), and had a party at my friends house. We had cake, decorated the yard and scared little kids when they came for candy. Don't you all love halloween? it's like the best holiday (even though it's not even a real holiday) ever.

Now I am in Rossland (got here just after halloween) playing the waiting game. When I arrived in town things were looking promising, there was even snow on the ground down in Trail.. but alas - the next few days consisted of heavy rains, even up on the mountain... So now I'm sitting here looking out my window as it's trying to snow, but failing wondering - when will winter be here? What will it bring this year? It seams to me as if the weather is two weeks late this year...

Oh well... we will see.

now below I am going to try and add pictures to my blog, i've never tried this before, so it probably won't work.

happy halloween

waiting in the queen charlottes

skinning a deer


sunset at the lodge

those silly americans